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In Inter-America, Top Leaders Vote on Evangelism Initiatives for Greater Member Involvement
Top Seventh-day Adventist officials and board members of the Inter-American Division (IAD) Executive Committee met yesterday to vote on numerous...
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Health Ministry Lauds Seventh-day Adventist Institution
Minster of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton has lauded the Seventh-day Adventist institution for allowing offices at the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to be used as a medical hub following challenges...


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Discipleship Convention Promotes Member Retention
The Adventist church body recently (April 8) met for an internal review of best practices at Kings Church as a way to strengthen retention of members at the conclusion of evangelistic...
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Alvern McCoy Selected Teacher of the Year at C. W. Sawyer Primary School
Alvern A. McCoy, a teacher at the C. W. Sawyer, Primary Public School, Nassau, was selected as the "Teacher of the Year" for that school for the years 2017-2018. She is a member of the Grant's Town...


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After Decades of Prayer, Adventists Dedicate State-of-the-Art Church in Cuba
Years of earnest prayer came to a happy ending for the 200 members of the Cardenas Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cardenas, Matanzas, Cuba, as they dedicated a...
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We baptized 20,000—Now what?
Over 400 pastors and church leaders gathered at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton in Kenya a few days ago for a five-day pastors’ convention...

Pastor Peter Kerr, Executive Secretary of The Atlantic Caribbean Union.

April 21, 2017


How We Should Relate to LGBT Individuals

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April 28, 2017
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LGBT — is new, unknown to some, and still changing. The term represents a broad group of people with various sexual identities and expressions — lesbian, gay, bisexual and...


  • May

  • 8 - Friends of Hope Day
  • 11-12 - GC Spring Meetings (Martland)
  • 11-16 IAD Pathfinder Camporee (Dominican Republic)
  • 18-25 - Youth Week of Prayer
  • 25 - Adventist Education Emphasis Sabbath


  • Apr. 2-8: Pray for Sister Unions
  • Apr. 9-15: Pray for Inter-American Division (IAD)
  • Apr. 16-22: Pray for General Conference
  • Apr. 23-29: Pray for Colleges and Universities of IAD
  • Email your prayer request to push@atcunion.org

Church Manual

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The Church Manual has existed in its current format since 1932. It describes the operation and functions of local churches and their relationship to denominational structures in which they hold membership. The Church Manual also expresses the Church’s understanding of Christian life and church governance and discipline based on biblical principles and the authority of duly assembled General Conference sessions. “God has ordained that the representatives of His church from all parts of the earth, when assembled in a General Conference, shall have authority.”—9T 261.
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Cayman Islands Conference

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Northern Caribbean University