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Inter-America’s 16th Annual ASi Convention set to open in Panama
This year’s Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASi) Convention promises to gather more than 400 Adventist business owners and professionals from across the...
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International Conference Reaffirms God as Creator Through Scientific Evidences
Seventh-day Adventist educators, ministers and administrators from across the Inter-American Division (IAD) reaffirmed their commitment to teach, preach and...


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Y10 Outpour 2017
The Youth Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is about to embark in an evangelistic campaign dubbed Y10 Outpouring 2017...
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Cayman Prepares for Regional LTM Summit
Cayman’s Adventist churches gathered last Saturday (29 July) to begin planning for a regional summit to be held...

Pastor Barrington Brennen talks about the abuse: its forms, ways of prevent prevention, helping those being abused etc.


Praise In Worship

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Aug. 11, 2017
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As promised, I am including your responses to the past three articles on Praise and Worship. I consider these responses quite interesting and informative. As such, I thought to share them...


  • August
  • 5: Global Mission Evangelism
  • 11-13: NCU Graduation Weekend
  • 16-19: ASI's Lawyer's Convention
  • 19: Adventist Education Day
  • 22-26: Religious Liberty World Congress
  • 26: Abuse Prevention Day (End it Now)


  • Jul. 30 - Aug. 5: Pray for National Security
  • Aug. 6-12: Pray for Responders and Emergency Workers
  • Aug. 13-19: Pray for Charitable Organizations
  • Aug. 20-26: Pray for Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • Aug. 27-Sep. 2: Pray for Spirit of Unity
  • Email your prayer request to push@atcunion.org

Church Manual

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The Church Manual has existed in its current format since 1932. It describes the operation and functions of local churches and their relationship to denominational structures in which they hold membership. The Church Manual also expresses the Church’s understanding of Christian life and church governance and discipline based on biblical principles and the authority of duly assembled General Conference sessions. “God has ordained that the representatives of His church from all parts of the earth, when assembled in a General Conference, shall have authority.”—9T 261.
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Cayman Islands Conference

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Northern Caribbean University