Where Is Your Quarterly?

This week I have chosen to focus on the Sabbath school quarterly, its cost, contents and use. Upon inquiring nearly three years ago, while serving as Conference president, I have discovered that it costs approximately $28,000 quarterly or $112,000 annually for quarterlies in the South Bahamas Conference (formerly Bahamas Conference). Quite frankly that is a lot of money to invest, considering that the local church defrays the cost. And to think that there are persons who misplace their quarterlies shortly after distribution is not encouraging for the church.

What Is the Purpose of Your Quarterly?

Have you considered that there is more to the distribution of Quarterlies? The church is intentional in fulfilling its mandate to prepare a people for the return of Jesus Christ. More so is the church deliberate in providing members with the daily spiritual literature to help them grow in their relationship to Christ, and to help them learn more about the church’s doctrines and its practices. Essentially, members are privileged to enroll in a weekly Sabbath school university, and, if faithful in studying each day, they will become knowledgeable, wise and more spiritually minded. Accordingly, I keep each quarterly as a type of commentary that I refer to from time to time.

Have You Considered the Cost?

In some places members are required to pay for their quarterlies. Maybe this explains why such brethren, as I am told, seem to cherish them. In fact, it was pointed out to me that a brother covers his quarterly with brown paper to protect it and to ensure full use beyond the quarter. If some members were to consider the cost of the quarterly and more so what solid information and inspiration go into each lesson, perhaps they would take a different approach to each lesson. Think of something that you cherish, and you will get the picture!

It is possible that the daily newspaper and the television command more respect and attention than the daily lesson study! It is about time that we go on a Sabbath School Lesson Study drive to encourage more members to study.

Is Your Involvement Sufficient?

As leaders, we can link up with the Sabbath School Department to encourage a greater involvement in the lesson study. Demonstrating excitement may prove contagious and rewarding. Showing up early to Sabbath School and encouraging others to do likewise will increase attendance and, hopefully, a greater percentage of persons following the daily lesson study plan. On the other hand, if we attend only the 11 0’clock service, then it is likely that we will communicate to members that Sabbath School is not important. Instead, take a class, and on some occasions present the lesson study on a whole- especially the difficult lessons.