Advanced Technology Will Only Advance


Last week I shared with you the dangers of being hooked to technology. However, for this week I seek to extoll the necessity and benefits of technology, once it is controlled and consciously managed by reason and spirituality, for it will only keep advancing.

Years Ago
Years ago, there was the parchment script which made the hand of few persons for obvious reasons. As such when people got together and the one chosen to read the script it must have engendered a sense of expectation with the accompanying attention and focus. Later with the printing of the actual Bible in one’s language, it was most welcomed and considered a major break-through. Now today we have several versions and easy access to the word of God. Thanks to the Bible societies and others for advancing this means.

Advanced Technology
More recently, with advanced technology, there is greater access to the Bible as well as books covering every subject imaginable. For me, I value the easy access to the writings of Ellen White. For the past 10 years or more, I have enjoyed this convenience.

Another blessing realized as result of ongoing technology is the ability to hold live meetings in real time. No longer is it required to travel away from home for every meeting. Also, three years ago the Union would Fedex its weekly “Voices” DVDs to Cayman and Turks, and, of course, it arrived days later. Only South and North Bahamas conference viewed the programs right away. However, with “Sendit” large video files could be sent via the Internet. This capability reduced time and cost. Now, as I write further advance in technology such as the Roku box and Church Pond, allow for each field in ATCU to view “Voices” at the same time or on the road. Indeed a major break through in technology! My dream, years ago, of linking up all family islands is now a reality. In fact, we can link up the world.

What’s the Point?
These advances, when viewed for what they are and what they can do, allow for dispensing medical assistance and knowledge, pursuing studies even from remote places, attending a General Conference service and above all spreading the gospel. While in last week’s Ministerial Weekly I cautioned against the possible addiction to technology, we must not shun or be overly afraid of it. Instead, we need to embrace it; for it presents possibilities and opportunities heretofore only dreamt about. Could we be witnessing the fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 - the increase in knowledge?

What Can We Expect?
Could it be that more Bibles will make it to church but not necessarily the printed ones? Could it be that more hymnals or songbooks will attend church but in electronic version? Could we be nearing the day when the person doing the Scripture reading will be asking for persons to open their iPads, or turn on their smart phone to Isaiah 40? As I write, many of you no longer stand on lines to pay bills. Instead, through your smart phone or tablet, that is now done online. Even grandparents are appreciating the ease of seeing their grand children daily and being able to communicate with them for “change.” I could go on, but I believe the point has been made.

Be Careful!
While I extol the benefits of technology, I need to conclude by noting possible dangers. Without remembering what is the purpose and reason for the use of technology, the enemy could entice us in such ways that we become hooked to the gadgets, forbidden sites and sounds that we would otherwise shun. We must not see technology as the end but as the means to a desired end. We must set boundaries and rules and hold ourselves accountable to spouses, others and above all God. Determine at times to put down the phone or tablet, or even switch off the radio, ipod or television, so as to enjoy just each other. Look around you – you are bound to see gadgets getting between couples, parents and children. While we must not assume in every instance that it is trivial, as it could be necessary use, we must remember to control their use.