For The Bible Tells Me

In 2010, the April 20th edition of the Nassau Guardian carried an article entitled, “Bahamas in Throes of High-Stakes Debate” by Simon. (Simon, a young Bahamian who wishes to remain anonymous, writes a column, 'Front Porch,' that is published every Tuesday in the Nassau Guardian.) However in addressing the issue of gambling and the church’s response, he explained that given the “pluralistic democracy” of our country the church would need to come better than “For the Bible tells me so.” Essentially, the arguments used must be more than Biblical, as “many people of faith oppose the belief that gambling is intrinsically wrong and should, therefore, always be prohibited.” So what ought to be the basis of our actions and decisions?

What Is the Basis of Your Action?
The basis of one’s action is critical; for if that footing is founded on a wrong premise, then there is likely to be a problem. We will recall that last year North American Radio Preacher Harold Camping predicted the return of Christ on May 21. Notwithstanding that the Bible clearly states, "of that day and hour knoweth no man” (Matthew 24:36 & Mark 13:32), Camping still predicted and there were persons who believed his report. And so is the same for various beliefs and practices with a now relaxed position of marriage between a man and a woman. Instead of “the Bible tells me so,” many argue that God made persons with homosexual tendencies and feelings. Others argue, “It can’t be wrong.” Then the New Age Movement does not help, as it seems to advocate “an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, and the rejection of religious doctrine and dogma” (Wikipedia). An individual is encouraged to find his or her own path especially as it relates to afterlife. However Camping and his followers said, "We tremble before God as we humbly ask Him for forgiveness for making that sinful statement." They also state, "We are so thankful that God is so loving that He will forgive even this sin." The Bible must be foundational in our decisions.

Modern Science
Modern science confirms the danger of cigarette smoking, use of alcohol, the danger of pork consumption and certainly the benefits of regular exercise. Arguments could also be made regarding the woes of promiscuity. However these are all taught by the Bible and were taught thousands of years ago. And therefore the question arises, “Can we rely just on modern science?” Certainly not, for the Bible is the guide for the child of God. A more appropriate question might be, “Whose report will you believe?” “For the Bible tells me so” represents more than just lyrics for children; instead they form the basis of guidance, direction and hope for followers of Christ. God’s Ten Commandments could be traced in some ways to the foundation of many countries’ laws and statues. Modern societies still uphold the integrity, honesty, and respect for the properties and possessions of others.

God’s Word Is Still Authoritative
So in a pluralistic society (consisting of varying views and beliefs), it does not mean that we no longer employ the Word of God as our authority. Yes, with increased knowledge it does not mean that we are free to ignore the blueprint. Equally important is the Spirit of Prophecy to guide in doctrines, teachings and practical living. It is crucial that the Word of God receives center stage and respect if society is to prosper and be strong in wholesome values. No one is to replace the Word of God. Even preachers must ensure that they are responsible in applying and interpreting God’s Word avoiding the temptation to become conscience for another. The word of God is “light;” it is “lamp” and it is “a sure word of prophecy.” This Word of God is more than another book. It is God’s Word to us; and therefore, “the Bible tells me so” must be used unapologetically.