Heeding The Word

The above caption is more than a group of words or phrase. Actually, it is the second emphasis of the world church’s overarching theme, Revival and Reformation. The first segment known as Constant in Prayer was launched in February of this year in the Dominican Republic with Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Pastor Israel Leito, president of the Inter American Division.
Constant in Prayer
As the name Constant in Prayer suggests, the church in the Inter-American Division has been steadfast in prayer, continuously interceding for all 116 (now 117) conferences and missions. In addition to praying for these fields, local churches and institutions applied this concept in definite and meaningful ways, daily placing on the prayer altar our children, youth, families, issues, and specific needs. In fact, the effects and impact of this thrust continue to be felt throughout the Atlantic Caribbean Union. Accordingly, I extend commendations to all field leaders and personal ministries directors for a successful launch and execution throughout the union territory. Special kudos goes out to Pastor Al Powell for the coordination from the union office.
Additionally, the presence of Pastors Samuel Telemacque and James Daniel has enhanced the promotion and implementation of same. Indeed our union, though young, continues to receive significant attention.

Attentive to the Word
The second phase of Revival and Reformation, dubbed Heeding God's Word or Attentive to the Word, will be launched this weekend, July 22 – 24 in El Salvador. ACUM, through its leaders, will be present to capture the spirit of this section, returning to spread the renewed love for God’s Word throughout the Atlantic Caribbean territory. To assist with this, field leaders and personal ministries directors will be supplied with appropriate materials that will facilitate a greater focus and attention on the Word of God. After delving in the Word, the third phase known as That the World May Know will be presented in our sister field, the Jamaica Union, in February 2012.

Vision One Million
However, these emphases, as already noted, seek to bring about revival and reformation. More so, they provide the platform for a visionary and bold program of our division called Vision One Million, which will officially kick off on September 3 in ACUM. The goal of this aggressive initiative of the church is to train 1 million lay preachers and baptize 1 million new members by 2014. As it relates to ACUM, specific goals will be supplied for each field, allowing for all members and institutions to be involved in this exciting drive. In fact, all administrators of our union will be involved in preaching and or assisting with some evangelistic outreach beginning in February 2012.
Let us pray for a rich outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power as we look forward to the second coming of Christ.