The Spirit of Sacrifice

Have you ever thought, “What is sacrifice? To me it is giving that which you value, enjoy and would want to have. An online dictionary explains that sacrifice is “a surrender of something of value as a means of gaining something more desirable or of preventing some evil.” (
To me that makes sense especially when I consider the ultimate meaning of sacrifice as seen in the playing out of John 3:16 with Jesus coming to die in our stead. However “What is that something more desirable that God would gain?” As for the preventing of some evil there is no question here as to the effect of God’s sacrifice. Were not for it we would simply have no life now or later. Therefore, for this Ministerial Weekly I reference a remarkable ministry of sacrifice witnessed recently by my wife and me. on the Campus of UNDECA Adventist University of Central America.

Why Bother?
Have you wondered “Why bother?’ to get involved when there is so much on your plate per se. A nursing student whose named is withheld for privacy hails from Honduras, is engaged in a creative ministry of assisting needed students. In fact she herself does not possess much but a golden heart willing to go the extra mile to help fellow needy students. How does she do it? She collects food from students who may not desire to eat all that they collect on their tray as well as students aware of this ministry of love willing donate an item or two. This sister would then arrange the food items as though they were picked up from the service line. Minutes following needy students would show up and enjoy a meal be it at breakfast, lunch or supper. Yes meal after meal this happens daily. This ministry is so touching that Denise and I joined in the process of contributing items from our serving. This Nursing student seems so much like a mother as she does her ministry of love each day.

What A Sacrifice?
Quite frankly something of this nature requires time and commitment but the student does it. I thought to myself do I really sacrifice? Sometimes what I consider to be a sacrifice is really a needed adjustment. Some times what I give is maybe what I don’t need or could do without. This brings me to my second account. It relates to a family I stayed with in Panama during a weekend. The setting was not plush or extravagant. It was simple in its setting and choice of furniture but what was not simple was the spirit of love, warmth, acceptance and sacrifice. Though there to practice Spanish as a part of my course Denise and I witnessed again persons with meager means reaching out beyond their means. To explain, this family has opened their humble home for the accommodation of a new church formed about 5 months ago. Additionally, they have made a part of their land available for the building of the church. Each week, they provide electricity, the use of their bathroom and facility for the conducting of church services.

Where is the sacrifice?
Following our stay Denise and I left so moved and touched by love and sincerity. Though we did not have some of the conveniences we are accustomed to we did not miss them as we were so blessed with love and a Christ-like disposition. On learning that I was a Union president the mother of the home felt honored to have me stay whereas Denise and I felt honored to reside there. In fact, they insisted that we stay with them. I left that humble abode thinking while I do give do I really sacrifice to the extent that I witnessed by these humble persons? Consider this statement by Ellen White, “None can know what may be God’s purpose in His discipline; but all may be certain that faithfulness in little things is the evidence of fitness for greater responsibilities. Every act of life is a revelation of character, and he only who in small duties proves himself ‘a workman that needeth not to be ashamed’ can be honored by God with higher service. 2 Timothy 2:15. {PK 218.2}”
Have a Blessed Sabbath and ensure that you make some sacrifice to change the course of life for someone. If you have not considered a way pray for a ministry of sacrifice.