Great Controversy Project and ACUM’s Prayer Initiative Update

Ever since the launch of the Great Controversy project on March 3, 2012, at the Centreville Church in the South Bahamas Conference, I am happy to report that nearly 30,000 copies of the Great Controversy have been distributed within the Bahamas, Cayman and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
I can only exclaim, “To God be Glory” for the efforts on behalf of church leaders and members in distributing these books. Only God knows the full impact this will have when these books are read in part or whole. Personally, I am being blessed as I read this book as part of my devotion requirement. Currently, my wife and I are on chapter 25 entitled “God’s Law Immutable.” As we read, we pray for God’s continued guidance and blessing upon His Church in ACUM.

Great Controversy Reports
I know that within each field of the Union are interesting and intriguing reports as to the lives being impacted and changed; but, admittedly, these have been slow in coming into headquarters. Remember when you share your experiences and or reports someone is encouraged and God gets the glory. It is not too late. Commendations to a recent convert and a long serving member for their sharing of their Great Controversy via interview on Voices television program with host Keith Major. In additionally, over in one of the districts of North Bahamas I was most encouraged by the eagerness of the membership to source more books having distributed their quota and more. It would seem that some residents in Abaco are just anxious for the books. We provided additional copies, but more books are still needed.
As noted in a previous report, copies have been presented to the Premier and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands. Since then the same was done for the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, and the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

ACUM’s Prayer Initiative
I have found the commitment to pray for a given district or institution each day very engaging and strategic. Each morning we are led to pray specifically for a given pastor, local leaders and members within ACUM. Believing strongly in the power of prayer, I am of the view that lives are being changed and situations and issues are resolved and altered by the prayers of the saints. It makes me glad as I travel throughout ACUM to hear people say they are praying for the various church districts and institutions. The words of Christ come to mind when in Luke 22:32 He told Peter, a follower of His, “I have prayed for you that your faith fail not.” I believe that Christ prays for us, and we must not become weary in praying for one another. This week the emphasis has been on the Bethany and Gambier churches. Next week will be the Good News and Adelaide Church district.

Finally, as we reach midway in the third quarter, I appeal to all to support your local Conference/mission evangelistic initiative. In all fields there are plans for a major outreach. It is possible that God will lead some of the recipients of the Great Controversy and persons we have been praying for to attend. Be open to the way God leads and pray for each evangelist and team.

"An Appeal for Oneness in Christ"

Leaders of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists today issued "An Appeal for Oneness in Christ," urging the church's constituent union conferences to shun "unilateralism" in deciding on ordination policy. World church executives and the 13 division presidents issued the statement.

Calling unilateralism "the great adversary of the unified Body of Christ," the statement included a direct response to the July 29 action of the Columbia Union Conference Constituency Meeting Action to ordain pastors "without regard to gender."

The Columbia Union Conference action, the statement said, "is not in harmony with General Conference Working Policy-the collective decisions of world leadership that define the operating procedures and relationships applicable to all organizations. Further, the action sets aside the 1990 and 1995 decisions of the General Conference in Session respecting the practice of ordination."

Moreover, General Conference leaders indicated the Columbia Union Conference action could bring consequences. "The action taken by the Columbia Union Conference represents a serious threat to the unity of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church, and thus, at its next meeting in October 2012, the General Conference Executive Committee will carefully review the situation and determine how to respond," the statement said.

At its conclusion, church leaders appealed for restraint. "The officers of the General Conference and the division presidents again appeal to all entities, organizations, and individuals, including the Columbia Union Conference, to refrain from independent and unilateral decisions and implementing actions on issues affecting ministerial ordination, and to invest their energies and creativity in fostering a vigorous dialogue through the established process about how the Church should recognize and affirm the gifts of the Spirit in the lives of believers."

Along with the statement, church leaders promised, "an important companion document, organized as a series of questions and answers about key assumptions and assertions and historical backgrounds discussed at the recent Columbia Union Conference constituency meeting or in related communication" would be released on August 8.

Organized in 1863, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is the global governing body for the 17 million-member Seventh-day Adventist Church, active in more than 203 countries and territories. Headquarters are in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

Aug. 07, 2012 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States...Mark Kellner, News Editor, Adventist Review