2013 -The Year of the laity

Celebrating the Laity

Have you ever wondered why a whole year dedicated to the laity? Quite frankly, it is not enough time, as the Laity does so much to ensure the advancement of the gospel, aiding and sponsoring various and numerous ministries in and outside the church. Most of these members have no desire for compensation or, in some instances, recognition. They just desire to help and serve their church. And as one of the leaders of the church, I value this fact. Therefore, when the Inter-American Division dubbed this year (2013) the Year of the Laity, I found this most apropos, for it accords us the opportunity to celebrate our lay brothers and sisters whom Elder Leito refers to as “Heroes of God.”

Equipping, Involving and Honoring the Laity

Accordingly, Atlantic Caribbean Union, in partnership with The Inter -American Division, share several events and initiatives designed to involve, train, motivate, encourage and honor the laity of the Bahamas, The Cayman Islands and The Turks and Caicos Islands. These include but are not limited to the following:

Virtual Counsel for Elders to be held this weekend, February 8-9, 2013
Showing of the Movie “The Return” in South and North Bahamas Conferences on ATV #53, February 15 – 16, 2013 (the time to be determined for the Turks and Caicos Mission and the Cayman Islands Conference)
Evangelistic Deployment involving children, youth, women and men in Bahamas, Cayman and Turks and Caicos Islands
Selecting a Lay Champion of ATCU to attend the Mid Year Executive Committee meeting of the Inter-American Division in Miami - May, 2013
Youth representative to attend the Union’s Mid Year Executive Committee in Freeport, Grand Bahama
Elders to be authorized by Field presidents to baptize candidates they would have prepared on Sabbath, September 28, 2013
Outstanding Layman to attend the Festival of the Laity in George Town, Grand Cayman

Great Things Happen When Laity and Clergy Unite

It is only when the laity and clergy come together that the work of sharing the gospel will spread rapidly. Ellen White, an inspired writer, understood this fact; for she wrote, “The real workers in this cause are few, yet the work covers much ground; and it is often impossible for the laborers to look after the interest awakened, and they fail to discern that they must enlist the lay members of the church, and teach them to work, that they may hold all that has been gained, and continue to advance. The plan of labor has been such as to lead the people to feel that they could do very little themselves; if anything was to be accomplished, they must have a minister” ( GW 219).