Responses to “Ministering in the 21st Century”

Following the release of last week’s Ministerial Weekly titled “Ministering in the 21st Century,” I received many positive feedbacks. As such I thought to share them with you, as you may find these responses beneficial and encouraging. And therefore I regard this weekly as a part II. Thanks for your responses.

Response No. 1
Another quality article. The question: "Do we as elders and pastors preach such doctrines? " is really worth asking. I hope that this will signal a new beginning for words from the pulpit. I believe preachers shy away from preaching doctrinal sermons because the congregation sees them as “boring." I hope from the method displayed by Shiann O'Connor, under the tent, we will see a resurgence of doctrinal preaching with "life."

Although I spent most of the crusade under the prayer tent, from the little I was able to observe, I see our members are hungry for the Word. They hold on to every thing. The sermons went until 9:30 p.m., but they were back the next night. As I met people on the street, they were just excited; and what is amazing is that they remembered almost all the high points of the sermons.
Another point I want to share with you from my experience under the prayer tent is the number of people who turned up with relationship problems -marriage and family and job related. Some nights we had to make collection to give persons who poured their hearts to us. I would like that we could have a week of family life emphasis under the tent as we did during the crusade.
The idea of the prayer tent is good. We had a steady stream of people every night. Sometimes after we had our devotions, we had to be praying as people kept coming with their needs. I would really love to see a few pastors join us under there though.

Response No. 2
Pastor J: thanks for your observations and kind comments. I regretted that I was not in Nassau to attend all of the meetings. However, I was there one night and was really blessed. I was also privileged to listen to those that came over the airwaves via Adventist T.V.

It was interesting to observe how the attendance held up during the Crusade. That tells me that when people are excited about what they are hearing, and they believe that the presenter is genuine and serious about what he/she is doing, they will support. What confuses me is since most of our preachers are trained at the same institution as the recent preacher, how come only a few can draw a crowd resembling what I saw at those meetings? Is it that Jamaican preachers are that much better than Bahamians? Or is it that the challenges they face, initially, force them to become more aggressive and determined to make an impression?

Response No. 3
Wonderful and spiritually inspiring message! In the O’Connor crusade, people worked: choirs, musicians, Bible workers, elders, pastors and anyone I forgot. God blessed their effort and multiplied it in a new way. For example, the first baptism was 96. Normally subsequent baptisms go lower. It went higher culminating in 164. I'm not sure if many of us saw and believed it.... My mom and dad did not miss a single night! The man preached late into each night, and no one moved.... The spirit of God was there guiding souls to baptism and refreshing people like me whose soul was refreshed and re-baptized with each message. He did not use theatrics or quotes of other writers to prove points. He clarified Bible texts with Bible texts! Some pastors commented to me about his sermon introducing the Sabbath, which was like they had never seen it.

I'm so sorry all family island pastors weren't brought in to learn, and be inspired. It was a school on organization of soul winning. Please forgive the length of my response, but I was really inspired by this soul winning effort.

Response No. 4

Short responses:
- Timely, relevant insights. Amen!
- Very good article. I still wish that you would create a forum for us pastors to discuss these articles and use our collective talents and influence to implement some programs. The next time I see you, I am going to engage you on this subject.
-Very inspirational!

Again, thanks for your input from week to week.