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Responses to the Articles on Visitation

Responses to the Articles on Visitation


It is not that often that I generally share feedbacks and reactions received weekly, in response to my articles. Nevertheless, I posit some of the responses related to my two most recent articles on visitation.

Response 1
Great article sir! But two points.
First of all the drive for new members is fueled by the organizations baptismal objectives which in some cases pastors are rewarded for baptisms.... Leads to baptism at all costs...
Often bible workers are used to assist in this attainment of baptismal goals... The only relationship the newcomer has with anyone is the bible worker.... So the members have no established relationship from a babe...
To then ask members to befriend them????
Second point:
We live in a time when people aren't neighborly and friendly.... People no longer invite people home. I think the best solution is for each church to have fellowship dinners every Sabbath and have people cater to them..
These are my views sir.

Good Morning Sir,
Great article as always, One of the points that are left out could be the reduced level of worship and soul winning activities.....let's face it, during an evangelistic campaign if you have a Mark Finley or CD Brooks, there is a huge letdown of quality of preaching and also effort to produce quality service.....everyone is happy and excited over you becoming baptized.... This wanes immediately after baptism.
Secondly, many new converts aren't given welcome packages that should include hymnal, bible, quarterly, and steps to Christ along with named ministries that they should enjoy.
Thirdly, I attend the formation of members at the last crusade by pastor Peter Joseph.
On that evening, a Wednesday, which meant limited turnout, the pastors were paraded in front of the members and told of their churches.....was a long process that made no sense.....
It is my belief that in the day of the big baptism, they should be allowed to go home and change and come back for a big feast.... Each church should have a grouping of the pastor, elders, Sabbath school leaders, auxiliary leaders and they move through the new believers selling them in the benefits of their church.
Fourthly, our recent focus in the last ten years in children's ministries is very good seeing the best age of between 4- 14 is focused on for conversion..... Many of our youth who grow up in the church just like new believers, leave silently for thirty years..... Almost every family has one or more or all of their children no longer attending church....

Response 2
Bull's eye Pastor Johnson. As you are fully aware, while some remain at the newborn and toddler stage others hit the ground running by participating, witnessing and even bearing immediate fruit by "winning" a family member or friend.

Response 3
Mark Finley has some interesting points that each Pastor and Church Leader/Member should give heed and consideration to.

But I would like to add to the list proper indoctrination of people before baptism.
We have moved into fast baptism age, like fast food, place your order at this five to ten day series and you are kingdom bound, because The Truth has been preached. Some who are baptized have not attended more than three meetings.

But the minister is given a quota for the year. Falling that he have not earned his keeps.
So he is not a good minister.
So in they come through the front door, and the back door is wide open because the very things Mark wrote are not in place.

Response 4
Thank you Pastor Johnson for your continued effort to address this very important matter of conservation. Permit me, if you don't mind sir, to quickly add, THAT WE ALSO NEED TO FOLLOW CHRIST'S UNFAILING DIRECTIONS: Mat. 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Please note, dear Pastor Johnson, HOW MANY TIMES AFTER BAPTISM DO YOU SEE THE WORD "T E A C H"??????
Technically TWICE. "BAPTISING" is only mentioned ONCE. The pronoun "YOU" or "YE", referring to the EVANGELIST or PASTOR is mentioned THREE TIMES. "I", referring to CHRIST or GOD, along with FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST are mentioned FIVE TIMES!!!


Conclusion: if the NEW BELIEVERS are properly TAUGHT and the TEACHING CONTINUES (from the PULPIT) as well as WEEKLY BIBLE CLASSES, by the "YOU" meaning Pastor/Evangelist or "LEADERS" who KNOW DOCTRINE, GOD, CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT will KEEP THEM IN THE CHURCH!!!!

While Mark Finley's pointers are good, they run miles behind the CONTINUAL TEACHING OF TRUTH/DOCTRINE!!!

May Almighty God continue to bless you, your wife and children, the Union team and His Great Remnant People!

Response 5
Important truths in this article, Pastor Johnson, but critical points are missing.

It is my view that an over emphasis on doctrine to the expense of loving relationships is a problem. Legalism is a pain in the neck in our church. Judgmental attitudes, failure to understand, failure to express unconditional love are some of our key problems. This is why my philosophy of evangelism is wrapped up in these words: "those we keep will win others." This is different from "let keep on winning soul and they will win others.” Note this: those who are encouraging have been encouraged. Those whose are loving have been loved. Those who are understanding have been understood.

I have serious concerns about the direction of our church in Nassau. The extremes in styles of prayer and the use of the charismatic term "prayer warrior". The influx of charismatic style of preaching by our pastors, the pressure from the charismatic style of singing. I also have concerns about the essence of pastoral ministry. Including no church office hours. No church secretary. Many people wonder how we do ministry.

There is very little "loving modeling" in our church. So how can we keep the soul? Ministry is a dull picture.

Well, that enough for now.

Thanks Pastor Leonard