Are You Pushing?

I would imagine that you are familiar with the maxim: “What gets measured gets done.” Attributed to Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Edwards Deming, Lord Kelvin and others, it conveys accountability and intentionality. In other words, if one fails to follow up or follow through, it is unlikely that he or she will accomplish the objective. The same applies to prayer. Unless you are determined and deliberate about your prayer life, nothing is likely to happen. Put another way, it is not likely to go beyond “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Thee Lord my soul to keep.” And therefore, the Atlantic Caribbean Union Prayer Initiative acronym (P.U.S.H), which stands for pray until something happens, is appropriate.

Focused Prayer

Prior to paying attention to what and who I pray for, I just prayed and included names of persons who I was requested to pray for. However, that has changed; and thanks to our Union’s Prayer Initiative, P.U.S.H. It forces me to be strategic or intentional in my focus. For example, during last week, the emphasis was on individuals with special needs. As Denise (my wife) and I prayed, we just could not pray generally for special needs individuals. Rather, we paused to think of actual individuals and thereby called them by name. The same was repeated and expanded at the office among the team. In focusing on such persons, we also thought about parents, relatives, teachers and caregivers who look after them. Unless we have a child or relative with special needs, we are not likely to know the challenges that accompany them; and therefore the focus on such persons allowed me to be more sensitive to them and those who look after them. The same is true for widows, widowers and singles, etc.

Following Through

Pray until something happens (P.U.S.H.) is more than a catch phrase. It denotes follow-up. So often we start something, which is good and could yield dividends, but we fail to follow through; and great ideas and initiatives get lost through “the cracks.” However, with P.U.S.H. questions are asked and concern is noted, for the Pray-er wants to know if the prayer for the Pray-ee has been answered. In other words, “How is the marriage working out?” “Is there a break through?” “Did you pass the exam?” “How is the healing coming?” “Are you more patient with the special need-individual?” “Did you get the job?” “Did you gain the victory over that besetting sin?” “Were you able to pay your mortgage?” “Are you finding ways to relate to that difficult individual?” “Are you learning to forgive one who is making life difficult for you?”

Praise and Thanksgiving

When the prayer is answered, there is cause for thanksgiving, praise, rejoicing and testimonies. This is impacting, for it increases one’s faith in God. One can rightly assume that if God did it then, He can do it again. It also allows for fresh testimonies during the mid-week Prayer and Praise service. Instead of the same story each week, one is able to relate what God did in answer to prayer. Additionally, when we follow up, we will see more answers to prayer- even in the every day, “God protect me.” The fact that you are reading this Ministerial Weekly is evidence that that prayer was answered, for you are alive. So I encourage you to be more focused in your prayers. Follow the weekly focus of the Atlantic Union Prayer Initiative. We started with the family; and you need not look far to see that the Devil is targeting the family. This week we have prayed for national and religious leaders. Next week the focus will be on law enforcement and civil servants. For starts, consider law enforcement and the role they perform in establishing and maintaining law and order. I would not want to imagine a country without them. As such we need to intercede in their behalf and above all, we need to pray until something happens. Just in case you lost your prayer card or never received one, you may download a copy at