Precious in the Sight of God – Part II

Emulating God

These remarkable indications, in words and action, of our immeasurable value to God, ought to serve as a pattern for the way that we treat each other and a guideline for the way we should expect to be treated. Essentially, the attitude should be one of respect, affirming and building up one another. God does not condone or countenance abuse of any kind (mental, physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, substance, or medical abuse). These forms of cruelty go against His nature of love, compassion, and genuine care and concern. Current international research points to family violence as a global problem. Nevertheless, a believer of Christ is expected to emulate Him in loving his/her spouse and in being faithful. He or she is committed to family values and consistent in nurturing and providing for the family needs. The quest for material gain does not cause a true believer to neglect his/her family. No legislation is necessary for such persons to be loving, kind, patient, and thoughtful, for the Spirit of God governs them. In fact, it was Christ who said that by “love” all men should be able to identify His followers. Are you a follower? Am I a follower?

Of course, this Biblical tenet is unpopular, for societal norms and values have been relaxed and in some instances eliminated. Promiscuity and immoral living are touted, and those who shun such practices are made to feel as though they have done wrong. It is commonly opined, “Everybody is doing it.” This is, no doubt, a part of the reason for many failed marriages and, by extension, untold pain, abuse, and suffering by spouses and children. Is it any wonder that societies and nations seem to be fighting a losing battle? “As goes the family, so go the nation and the world.”

Help for the Troubled

It is good to know that God does not abandon anyone even when he or she is abusive. Though it is clear that God finds abuse repugnant, He welcomes the abuser, for He says, “Come now, and let us reason together.”(Isaiah 1:18, NKJV) Coupled with this is the message of restoration in the book of Malachi where God seeks to re-attract sons to fathers; fathers to sons; daughters to mothers; mothers to daughters; and spouses to each other. So, even with all the domestic issues, God is still with the family; and the family is still precious to Him. He desires that none be lost but that everyone is restored to realize his/her potential and usefulness by His grace.

When we appreciate the inestimable worth God places on each person, follow the example of God in caring for one another, and embrace the power found in the help that God offers, we will find, as Ellen White states, the home will become “a little heaven on earth.”(White, E. G. (1994; 2002) Sermons and Talks, Volume 2:200) Consequently, the world, with its lowered values, will marvel at the courage and humble dispositions of God’s people.