Truly, God Is Good!

The above caption describes how I feel about the blessings of God toward me, especially in the area of writing. In fact, I am reluctant to share this update for fear of coming across as touting my horn.
Little did I imagine when I started to write a few years ago that I would be used of God to have such a positive and profound effect upon so many- even in languages outside my native tongue. In this regard, I share with you the following information as a testimony to what God can do for anyone who commits himself or herself to Him utilizing the talent He has given.

Now in Message Magazine
A few weeks ago, I received an email informing me that an article of mine entitled, “Praying with Your Eyes Open,” was published in the September/October 2011 edition of The Message Magazine, a leading church magazine appealing to Afro Americans. Needless to say, I was very happy for this privilege, considering that this makes a total of 7 articles published in church magazines. These include:
• “Use it or Lose It”- Priority Magazine 2010
• “Because He Lives”- Priority Magazine 2010
• “’Under Grace, Not Under Law’: What Does This Mean?” -Priority Magazine 2010
• “What Does Christ’s Birth Mean to Me? -Priority Magazine 2010
• “Praying with Your Eyes Open” -initial printing in Adventist Life Magazine 2010
• !No Habra mas llanto! Mayordomos Felices – (Joyful Stewards) - Ministry Magazine, Spanish Edition.
• “My Holiday Wish” -Priority Magazine (December edition) 2011

A-Z & When Stewards Behold God
Apart from the above articles, I am equally pleased with the publication of two books: the first titled - Inspirational Sayings and Stories A Z - was released in November 2009. Today this book continues to be advertised in the Adult Sabbath School quarterly. Many persons have called, e-mailed and stopped me to express their being touched, blessed and or inspired. As such, I am led to exclaim again and again, “Truly God Is Good!” for little did I know that a hobby of collecting choice sayings, quotes and stories would lead to this first publication.
My second book took the form of a series of 14 stewardship sermons entitled, When Stewards Behold God published in December 2010. It is the stewardship book of the year for the Inter American Division of Seventh-day Adventists for 2011, and it is also printed in Spanish. I never imagined any of the above being printed in such a short period. It underscores that God is not limited, as he brings out of us what we never envisioned was possible, thus leading me to exclaim, “Truly God Is Good!”

The Ministry of Penmanship Continues
Having been blessed by God in the area of writing, I seek to develop the gift by doing a weekly newsletter for pastors and elders known as “Ministerial Newsletter Weekly” as well as write articles addressing national issues for the Nassau Guardian, one of the Bahamian national newspapers. I thank God regularly for those persons whom God has placed in my path to help me develop such a gift. These include Dr. John Carey who edits; my wife who critiques; my Administrative Assistant who compiles my writings; and a close friend and brother, Keith Major, who along with the late Christopher Symonette inspired and challenged me to write years ago. Of course, I am indebted to many of you who not only read my letters weekly but also make observations and even challenge some positions I have taken.

Dormant Gifts
I hope that this article has inspired you; for there are talents that lay dormant seeking to be awakened for the promulgation of the gospel to alert men and women to the reality of the existence of God, His salvation and His return. Always remember that God has entrusted to all people gifts; but it is left to each person to discover and cultivate those gifts to be used to His honor and glory. Avail yourself of gifts from God for His use today; and you, too, will be pleasantly surprised!