Additional Benifits of Studying Your Sabbath School Lesson

A response to Dr. Leonard A Johnson’s weekly ministerial article AUGUST 18, 2011

Dr. Johnson’s weekly ministerial article, “DID YOU STUDY?” elicited many other thoughts and reasons for study in my mind. The article was timely. I thought of ten other benefits I receive from such study.

The supplemental Spirit of Prophecy readings by Ellen G. White help expand one’s view and understanding of the topic with a high degree of clarity- thus, illuminating the scriptures.
The readings caused me to develop a love for her writings on other topics as well. In Sabbath school class discussions, I am able to enlighten members because of these supplemental readings. It is an example of the extent to which the lesser light (her writings) point toward the greater light (the Bible). Each day’s lesson allows you to deal with problems arising out of that day. It gives you strength for the day.

When reviewing the lesson day by day during the Sabbath school class, you are reminded of your tribulations and the triumphs of each day during the previous week. You are reminded specifically of how the
devil was conquered; and it therefore becomes a source of greater praise.

When you study each day, it makes you anxious to get to Sabbath school every Sabbath to thank God for the knowledge and share the blessing. In the past 8 years, I haven’t missed “nary” a day of lesson study. It
is better than a multi-vitamin pill. It has made me, and it has kept me through many struggles. When reading the texts contained in each day’s lesson, I often read many chapters before and after the texts. This builds a love for the Bible.

This quarter’s lesson on worship is transforming me in answering the question, ‘How should we worship?’ Is our worship like Abel or Cain’s? Are we serving Baal or God? Are we serving self in our worship
experience, or are we serving God? I realize the greatness of God but also the nearness of God; and this inspires me to worship more and in the right way. My current economic situation began four years ago and coincided with the quarterly on THE CRUCIBLE. As a result, I turned to God in my adversity, and He brought me peace as well as a greater knowledge of Himself.

I could name many more benefits- but were it not for the Sabbath school lesson study, where would I be mentally and spiritually during these times? I shudder to think of the answer. When you study the lesson, you
study the Spirit of Prophecy as you learn about and get to know God. You grow to love Him; and it does not matter if church or Sabbath school is empty, because you came with a full heart….full of the knowledge of God
from a week of study. Many don’t come to Sabbath school because it is so sparsely attended. They come for the main event- the divine service where the crowds are; and the devil is happy. If you really want to learn about God day by day and be filled with the Spirit and gain a knowledge of the truth, study your lesson. God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
One writer said that the Sabbath school is the most important service of the church.

Thank you, Dr Johnson, for the article which allowed me to reflect on the goodness and mercy of God to me, a mere sinner…. I was able to praise Him for the article and for the lesson study.
So, did you study? I’m sure did! Just can’t wait for Sabbath to share!
Keith L. Major