ATCU Sponsors Leading Bible Software Training

A goal of the Ministerial Department is to equip elders and pastors with the tools and training necessary to accomplish the objective of studying the Bible; sermon preparation and delivery. Therefore, in 2011 initial trainings were done for elders and pastors in Freeport, Nassau, and Cayman for elders and pastors. In total, nearly 80 persons participated. As 2013 is the year of the laity, once again the Ministerial Department is seeking to sponsor the Logos Bible Software training for both elders and pastors. The dates are Sunday, February 10, for elders and Monday and Tuesday, February 11-12, for pastors and elders who would prefer to do the extended training. All meetings will commence at 8 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. at the Union headquarters in Nassau.

What is the Logos Bible Software?

The Logos Bible Software is the brainchild of one who formerly worked for computer software guru Bill Gates. Employing technology and skills, Bob Pritchett sought to make the Bible and religious books available online and in an integrated manner. Essentially, an electronic library has been created, enabling one to have access to a mobile library consisting of thousands of volumes. Fortunately for us as Adventists, all of Ellen White’s books, as well as the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentaries, among others, are accessible. Additionally, there are scores of Bible versions, Bible dictionaries and commentaries. In fact, one does not need to have any training in Hebrew and Greek in order to obtain original meanings of Old and New Testaments words. With this powerful tool, persons can access their library wherever they go via their computer, iPad and/or iPhone.

Why Obtain the Software?

I commend this software, for not only is it mobile and loaded with appropriate books, but also it is expandable and user friendly. It is like having all the books needed before you open. You can mark then, make notes and, if you have to curtail your studies, you can leave your library with all of the books open just as you want them, without incurring the displeasure of a spouse or roommate for leaving so many books open. In fact, you may resume studies on another computer and pick up at the same point. Additionally, you have footnotes capability; and soon, with the latest version of Logos, one can produce his own book.

A Caution!

Notwithstanding the powerfulness and capability of Logos, I caution that this software is but a tool, as there is nothing that ought to replace our dependence upon the Holy Spirit who guided the Bible Writers of old. We must seek the same Holy Spirit to guide and enable us. Therefore, the Logos Bible software must be seen as a means to accomplishing or enhancing- but not as a panacea to great sermons and Bible presentations. Otherwise, we may have impressive presentations but devoid of the Holy Spirit; and that will be a disaster. For further information, visit