Let There Be Peace on Earth

The lyrics for the hymn “Let there be peace on earth” at best capture and convey a most needed gift and remedy for current ills and social issues threatening to erode and destroy a wonderful legacy known as the Bahamas bequeathed to us.
It is my thinking that should the sentiments of this hymn be embraced and implemented, notwithstanding national elections to be conducted, 2012 could be a better year for us.

Let There Be Peace
The wish for peace is most relevant, and yet it was that very gift that was given with the first coming of Christ as babe. In John 2:10, the heavenly angel said, “I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” And what is that gift? It is the gift of peace and goodwill toward men (John 2:14). Essentially, this gift is for all mankind, and it is a gift that is available now. On the other hand, the benefits and dividends of the gift last beyond the current season. It is one that lasts forever. However, as already noted, it is one that must be embraced to be experienced. And no doubt some will ask, “How?”

Embracing the Gift
It is simple! Just accept Christ by allowing Him to save you and have total control of your life. Begin with the simple words of “O Lord do forgive me for my sins, and direct in the affairs of my life.” Now back up the request with a daily reading of His Word, prayer and church attendance. Like daily exercise which does well for physical health, these basic but powerful steps will serve to make a difference in your spiritual life and by extension your family’s, classroom, work and community. However, it comes with you and me determining to make a difference and that fact is captured by the second message of the alluded hymn which is “Let it begin with me.” That spells accountability. Peace must be more than a wish; it must be sought.

Let it Begin with Me

As I sang this hymn at the service back on November 6 at Christ Church Cathedral, marking the 150 anniversary of the Anglican Diocese and the city of Nassau, I remarked to one whom I believed was a retired priest that it would be good to have this song sung throughout the length and breath of the Bahamas, as peace is woefully needed. He agreed with me, except he added that each person must mean it. So true!

Each person is required to do his/her part, for the song says, “Let it begin with me.” I can do my part, though small, at home, in my community, on my job, on the bus and as I move about daily living and demonstrating a life of peace and goodwill. I can be honest! Peace is promoted when I do not participate in gossips, slandering, or even remotely encourage it. Maybe I am being too idealistic, but think for a while; if a small percentage of the population takes this idea, “Let it begin with me,” seriously, a noticeable change would be seen in the Bahamas. It is about time that we be neighbors and friends and learn to live with disagreements without resorting to violence. The political season or anything else for that matter, must not divide us. Two thousand and twelve must be a better year; and that is possible if you and I become peace ambassadors and purveyors of “goodwill.” With Christ, the Gift of peace is possible!

Have a blessed holiday season and a Spirit directed New Year!