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Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire fall on I.

Yes, it did! On the weekend of March 25-28 the Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Church was set on fire by the visiting International speaker,
Pastor Calvin Watkins from the South Atlanta Conference, Georgia. The weekend revival began on Friday night with Praise and Worship- Ebenezer style- and was brought to a heat with the topic, “Jesus Spit on Me”.

On Sabbath the Holy Spirit moved in the place and stirred the congregation as they realized that today’s demons are “Not Grandma Demons”. The fire of the Holy Spirit did burn and released one very precious soul from the clutches of Satan. In the Afternoon at 6:00 pm the Spirit searched “Lo Debar” for one to bless in the same way that David searched for Mephibosheth so he could bless him for the sake of Jonathan, his friend whom he loved. Indeed, Elder Watkins pointed the congregation to a loving God and a powerful Holy Spirit who is able to transport those who are willing, from the pits of sin to the throne of grace.

On Sunday night the house was full, and the reading on the thermometer reached its peak as the Holy Spirit continued His work of searching, convicting, cleansing and purifying upon every dross of “Achanism”. Yes! The blessing fell and empowered all who tasted, so they can live, teach, and win souls for the Kingdom. As it was after the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit would continue to mobilize His people to good work, and many more will be added to the church.

Yes, the theme, “ Oh Let the Fire fall on I” was indeed a fitting one for the weekend. This was the first international speaker to visit the one year old Church and they hope to make this event an annual one.

Pastor Calvin Watkins is Church Ministries Director at the South Atlanta Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist.