Atlantic Caribbean Union

Pastor Telemaque Observes Day of Prayer with ACUM

By John Garcia/ACUM

On Wednesday, March 7, students and teachers at the Adventist Schools in the Atlantic Caribbean region spent time praying and engaging in activities that highlighted the power of prayer and the importance of studying the Bible.
A special prayer assembly was held at Bahamas Academy, in the South Bahamas Conference, Nassau, Bahamas, one of the territories of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM). Pastor Samuel Telemaque, Associate Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director for the Adventist Church in Inter-America, spoke to teachers, staff, church leaders, and over 800 elementary and high school students on prayer and academic success. Accompanying Pastor Telemaque were Dr. Cheryl R. Rolle, Education Director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, and Mrs. Joan Scavella, Education Director of the South Bahamas Conference.

Using Matthew 6:6, Pastor Telemaque shared the principle of achieving academic success. He advised students to follow the instruction found in the text to find a quiet place to pray to God, and God “which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” He told students if they wanted to be successful in their studies, they should first identify a quiet place and then spend an hour praying and reading the Bible to “open their minds and connect with omnipotent power.” After they do this, then they should study and complete their school work.

“Though you did all this in a quiet place with just you and God,” he said, “God will reward you openly with good grades, scholarships, government recognition, and so much more.”

Pastor Telemaque told the students to use the acronym PART when they prayed. “Praise God for who He is, ask for forgiveness, make your requests known, and thank Him,” he said.

Celebration of the Day of Prayer began in 2011 as a part of the Constant in Prayer initiative, a program of the Adventist Church in Inter-America designed to inspire its members to engage in a consistent and regular prayer life in answer to the call of the program Revival and Reformation promoted by the Adventist World Church.

Maranatha Academy in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Academy in the Cayman Islands, and Grand Bahama Academy in Grand Bahama joined their sister school in ACUM, Bahamas Academy and the other Adventist schools and universities throughout Inter-America in observing this day dedicated to prayer activities aimed at teaching students the value of prayer in their lives and encouraging the study of the Bible.