Atlantic Caribbean Union

South Bahamas Conference Dedicates Radio Station

By Joan Scavella, SBC

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On March 31, 2012, South Bahamas Conference’s hard work, faith, and prayers were justly rewarded and answered with the launch of their brand new radio station. The years of anticipation culminated with a brief ceremony at the radio station located at the conference’s headquarters on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.
The conference officers and communication director of the South Bahamas Conference were joined by officials of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ACUM) and the Inter-American Division Seminary to witness the event along with an appreciable representation of church members and well-wishers. Members on the Family of Islands tuned in via the airwaves to participate in the ceremony, which was also streamed live on the Internet.

“It is a high day in the life of the church”, remarked conference president, Pastor Paul Scavella as he outlined the events leading to the birth of this new medium of communication. Capturing the message of Revelation 14: 8-12, as was read by communication director of ACUM, Dr. Cheryl Rolle, Pastor Scavella concluded his delivery by using the text to direct the congregation to the mission of the radio station.
Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of ACUM, congratulated the conference officers, communication department and all contributors for the effort made to establish a medium that complements other methods used to take the gospel to those far and near. He proudly told the congregation, “This is one of two radio stations in the union, and we support your efforts to have the everlasting gospel carried to the ends of the archipelago.” During his presentation, he called on the treasurer of the union, Elder Roderick Sands, who presented a monetary gift to the radio station on behalf of the union. Pastor Scavella expressed gratitude to the union for the generous donation.

Although time permitted only a partial reflection of events leading to the birth of the station, the conference is thankful for the contributions of a diverse community that helped, over the years, to realize this feat. As Pastor Scavella quipped, “We stand on the shoulders of those who served before us.” The story of WORD SBC 88.3 FM is a powerful testimony of the tenacity and determination of a team that secured their faith in a God of possibilities and promise. Although the team experienced moments of challenge, God provided the equipment, finances, personnel and intuition at the appropriate times. Today we can tap into another resource, given by God, to tell the world...that the world may know of a better way, the way that leads to the cross. God does things in His time! The time is right for the church to use this medium to share the gospel. What a mighty God we serve! Do you agree?