Atlantic Caribbean Union

ACUM’s Leaders Attend Leadership Seminar

By Andrew Burrows

According to its mission statement found on its website, the Office of Leadership Development of the Adventist World Church exists “to develop competent leaders who inspire growth, unity, and discipleship." It is the office’s vision that competent, Spirit-filled servant leaders would function at every level and generation of the Adventist Church.
With this goal in mind, regional divisions of the Adventist World Church regularly organize and conduct leadership training sessions for their territorial leaders and other employees on a leadership career path.

Consequently, the Leadership Office of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) will host leadership training sessions in the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM), one of its twenty-one unions, during July 11-12, 2012, at the union’s headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas.

“We welcome this professional development opportunity,” said Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of ACUM. “For the continued progress and unity of ACUM, it is vital that our leaders receive consistent training that helps them to further understand and appreciate the dynamics of effective, Christian leadership in this global society. But above all, we hope that these sessions will help them to remain committed to modeling the life and leadership of Jesus."
The presenters will be Dr. Lowell Cooper, one of the general vice presidents of the Adventist World Church, and Pastor Leon Wellington, vice- president of IAD.

The sessions are designed for union administrators and directors, all conference/mission administrators and departmental directors within the four fields of ACUM, as well as pastors and other employees who can assume wider leadership roles.

More information can be obtained by visiting or contacting the union office.