Atlantic Caribbean Union

IAD Women’s Ministries Director Speaks At Weekend Retreat

By Shirline Henriques, WM Director, Cayman Islands/ACUM

Mrs. Cecelia Iglesias, Women’s Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division, was the special guest speaker at a Women’s Ministries weekend held in the Cayman Islands during September 16 – 18, 2011.
Sponsored by the Women’s Ministries Department of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM), the meetings, held under the theme “Heeding the Call,” were attended by Women’s Ministries Directors from the ACUM territory, local church Women’s Ministries leaders from the Cayman Islands Conference, and other church sisters.

In her address on Sabbath, September 17, 2011, Mrs. Iglesias encouraged the women to rise up and follow Miriam’s example.
“Be like Miriam in days of old,” she said. “Be a leader in your own way - as big sisters, mother’s helpers, brother’s protectors, supporters of the leaders, choir directors, etc.”
Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Iglesias shared information on the reorganization of the Women’s Ministries Department to facilitate collaboration with the other church departments.
She explained, “Efficiency in getting the gospel out in these last days is the goal of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and women have a major role in this responsibility.”
Also addressing the ladies during the weekend was Mrs. Denise Johnson, Women’s Ministries Director of ACUM. On the opening night, she called for the women of the church to listen to God’s call.

“Heed God’s call by getting to know Him, rendering service, and obeying His will,” she said.
According to Judith McFarlane, one of the attendees, “The weekend brought revitalization, spiritual renewal, and recommitment of the team to work while we can, as long as we can, with whatever is at hand. To God be the Gory.”