Atlantic Caribbean Union

ACUM’s Prayer Initiative Continues

By Communication Department

Since the launch of the ACUM Prayer Initiative at the end of December 2011, the leadership of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM) has been praying for the union’s four field headquarters and their respective church districts and institutions as well as Northern Caribbean University (NCU), a tertiary institution in Jamaica that ACUM jointly owns and operates with the Jamaica Union. The objective is to pray daily for the well being of each leader and member represented by these entities in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Jamaica.
According to the president of ACUM, Pastor Leonard Johnson, this prayer exercise has allowed for greater focus upon each field, church district, and institution.

“Furthermore, it is difficult to pray consistently for persons without feeling a sense of closeness and affinity,” Pastor Johnson said.

Pastor Johnson and his fellow administrators hope that this daily prayer venture will serve to create a deeper bonding among members of the union and that the day by day interceding will lead to a greater focus upon God and His mandate to reach mankind.

The prayer focal point of the current week, June 3-9, has been the Northern Caribbean University, which, though situated outside of the ACUM’s territory, receives financial support, as it is partly owned and operated by ACUM in tandem with the Jamaica Union.

Next week, June 10-16, the prayer spotlight shifts to the South Bahamas Conference, beginning with its headquarters, then moving on to Bahamas Academy, and thereafter each church district.

Following the South Bahamas Conference will be the final field of ACUM, the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission, thereby concluding a year of corporate daily prayer.

It is undeniable that ACUM has been constant in prayer. Accordingly, thanks go out to all field and church leaders as well as the prayer coordinators and members who have been consistent in interceding on behalf of each named prayer recipient.

Already plans are in the making for the ACUM’s Prayer Initiative 2013. The focus will be different, but the daily prayer will continue, for in the words of Pastor Johnson, “Prayer is critical to the further establishment and successful survival of ACUM.”