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Year of the Laity Activities Continue in ATCU

By: Andrew Burrows/ATCU

Within a few weeks, administrators, pastors, elders, and church members from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) along with the other churches of the Inter-American Division (IAD) will unite in a series of special events in their continuing celebration of the Year of the Laity.
During January 21-26, 2013, the IAD will hold its “Holy Convocation” which, according to volume 3 of the “Revive Newsletter,” is a special summit on spiritual revival that emphasizes the importance of prayer, the study of the Bible, and witnessing. A part of this summit will be a special communion to be held on Friday evening, January 25 and a commitment service on Sabbath, January 26. The event is to be planned and conducted by all the local churches in IAD including ATCU.

According to Pastor Roberto Herrera, Revival and Reformation coordinator for IAD, the weekend has three foci.

Proclamation: Focus on the triumphant death of Christ on the cross, a guarantee of salvation to all.

Personal Reflection: Focus on the significance of this event for each one of the participants.

Communion: Celebrate among the participants in a spirit of joy, forgiveness and praise, and give a special invitation to the inactive members of the church to be with us that day.

In addition to the Holy Convocation, a virtual council for all elders will be held on Sabbath, February 8, 2013. This meeting will allow for all the elders from throughout IAD to interact with the leaders of the Inter-American Division through the medium of the internet. The event will be streamed live from IAD’s headquarters in Miami, Florida. Each field within ATCU will designate a site where all elders can convene to view and participate in the discussion. Participants will be able to submit questions though live chat windows.

In his recent podcast, Pastor Al Powell, personal ministries director of ATCU, invited at least 8000 passionate disciples from ATCU to commit their lives to service during the Year of the Laity.


elders symposium

Pastors and elders of the South Bahamas Conference spend time in prayer and reflection.
Photo by the South Bahamas Conference Communication Department, January 5, 2013