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News from the Footprints of Jesus Crusade in Grand Cayman

News from the Footprints of Hope Crusade in Grand Cayman
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Festive Mood as Forty More Get Baptized
It was a festive mood at Smith's Cove Beach in George Town, Grand Cayman as forty more converts were baptized bringing the total baptisms for the Footprints of Hope Campaign to 108 precious souls.
Five pastors took to the glimmering Caribbean Sea as steel pan kept the singers in tune and the occasion festive as young and old stepped out to consummate their new found relationship with God.


Glorious Day at Kings for Footprints 4th Sabbath
The Footprints of Hope Campaign made a temporary detour to the Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church in George Town Central due to the Lion Center being previously booked for another event. This may have been a blessing in disguise as the Spirit filled the jam packed church in ways not experienced before.
The preacher was electrifying, the music was heart-warming, converts rushed to the altar on the appeal and each and every heart received a blessing as we worshiped together.


Jam –Packed
Every inch of the Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church was full to capacity for the 4th Sabbath of the Footprints of Hope Campaign. The nearby Cayman academy auditorium and a hurriedly erected tent were used to accommodate those who were not able to find a seat in the church.
Not very often has there been such a huge turnout at the massive church building which is one of the largest owned by the Adventist Organization. This only demonstrates the tremendous response to the Footprints of Hope program, which continues for a 4th week at the Lion Center.