Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Pastors and Laypersons featured in Advance Magazine

ATCU Pastors and Laypersons featured in Advance Magazine
Communication Department, ATCU

During the second quarter of 2015, the Advance Magazine will feature articles, stories, and the experiences of persons from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU). The Advance Magazine, compiled by the personal ministries department of the Inter-American Division, is a publication designed to encourage and inspire the laity of the church mainly during the ten-minute personal ministries time in all of the churches within the Inter-American Division.

This quarter’s edition features articles written by Pastors Leonard Johnson, ATCU president; Andrew Burrows, ATCU personal ministries director; Wilfred Adderley, South Bahamas Conference (SBC); Patrick Tyrill, North Bahamas Conference; and Reinaldo Dracket, Cayman islands Conference (CIC).

Inspirational experiences shared by Paris Williams, ATCU’s One Year in Mission delegate; SBC lay members David Knowles, David Williams, and Andrea and Bernard Linden; and David Campbell, a Bible Worker from CIC are also included.