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Power-packed Ministerial Training Takes Place in the CIC

Power-packed Ministerial Training Takes Place in the CIC                                                                                            
Carlon Nyack, Intern Pastor, CIC

On Thursday and Friday, October 3-4, 2013, Pastor Hector Sanchez, ministerial secretary of the Inter-American Division (IAD), along with the administrators of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) joined the administrators and pastors of the Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) to conduct a seminar/workshop for all pastors.
Pastor Sanchez, who has 41 years of pastoral experience, was the main presenter on the theme "How to Begin and Conclude a Happy and Successful Ministry."
Themes discussed were:
 The pastor's devotional life
The pastor's home life
The pastor's marital relationship
The pastor's relationship with the opposite sex
The pastor and church life
Visitation of members
Caring and nurturing of members

Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of ATCU, also presented a thought-provoking topic, prepared by Dr. Trevor Little, entitled "Building Today's and Tomorrow's Leaders: Pastors as Leaders in the 21st Century." It was a presentation on how pastors need to practice what they preach as they lead others to follow Jesus. "Influence is an important part of good leadership," Dr. Johnson stated.
Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ATCU, presented a powerful, soul-stirring devotion on Friday morning when he quoted from Colporteur Ministry, pg. 48.1 that asks each servant of God three poignant questions:  "Do they walk in such humility that I can teach them My way? Can I put My words into their lips? Will they represent Me?"
Pastor Al Powell, executive secretary for CIC, and intern pastor, Carlon Nyack translated for Pastor Sanchez on Thursday and Friday respectively. 
It was a power-packed two days with plenty of practical advice for the pastors at the end of which they were not only inspired but empowered to rise to the joys and challenges of ministry.