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SBC Prepares for Massive Evangelistic Campaign

SBC Prepares for Massive Evangelistic Campaign
ATCU Communication Department
As the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC) rallied its members on Sabbath, August 30 for the upcoming evangelistic campaign dubbed NP14, Pastor Leonardo Rahming, a local pastor of SBC, confessed before all those gathered at the Hillview church that when he first heard about the campaign he was “not interested.”

Looking the evangelist for the crusade Pastor Peter Joseph straight in the eyes, he repeated, “I was not interested.” Pastor Rahming then went on to explain that through prayer and reflection, he realized that the campaign is not about Leonardo Rahming, but about lifting up the name of Jesus.

Pastor Rahming assured Pastor Joseph that he is in full support of the campaign and that he will not only pray for a successful campaign, but will also put all his efforts into the task ahead.

As Pastor Rahming ended, he invited all of his pastoral colleagues to join him in surrounding and laying hands on Pastor Joseph. Members of the prayer team for NP14 were then invited to surround and lay hands on the pastors as pastor Rahming prayed for the evangelist.

Later on in the rally, Pastor Joseph expressed appreciation to Pastor Rahming for his testimony and prayer and said that it made him feel strengthened for the upcoming campaign NP14. Pastor Joseph presented a PowerPoint presentation called Ministry at The Altar where he explained to members how important their support is in the performance of one of the greatest miracles, which is Jesus’ blood turning a sinner into a saint.

The campaign will run for four weeks starting with a gospel concert on Friday, September 5, and the meetings begin on Saturday, the 6
th at 7:15 P.M. and will be held nightly except for Mondays and Thursdays.