Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Celebrates Day of Prayer with GBA

In attendance were Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), and Dr. Cheryl Rolle, education director of ATCU. They were joined by the executive officers, education director, and pastors of the North Bahamas Conference as well as representative prayer warriors from local Seventh-day Adventist churches on Grand Bahama.

The day’s activities started at 9:00 a.m. with the students visiting and participating in prayer activities at four prayer stations located at the front of the school. At the stations, students engaged in interactive prayer activities that demonstrated that when they confess their sins, God will forgive them. The final station included a globe where students were encouraged to pray for students and schools around the world, but more specifically, Adventist students and schools.

The day continued with a solemn assembly, which included special remarks by Dr. Cheryl Rolle. She spoke about the importance of prayer in the life of a student, encouraging each student to have a prayer relationship with God. Special prayers were offered for the school’s administration, staff, and students and there were many inspirational presentations by students from the various classes. At the conclusion of the assembly, the students were encouraged to utilize the beautifully decorated prayer room that was staffed with the local church prayer warriors and two pastors.
In the afternoon, students and guests reconvened for a prayer and praise concert. Wonderful musical items were performed by GBA's musically gifted students and a few invited guests, inclusive of a former student. A testimony of God’s goodness in the life of one of the students was offered, followed by a prayer for the school community. The programme also involved poetry and congregational scripture readings.

To culminate the day’s activities, the many prayer requests from students and teachers were placed on the stone altar that was constructed. These requests were burnt in the presence of all persons in attendance. Before the fire was lit, however, Pastor François prayed that God would grant, according to His will, the requests of those who had made them. To God be the glory for the things He has done.