Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Participates in IAD ADRA Meetings

During his remarks, Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), gave a general overview of the countries that form ATCU and corrected the notion that because of the financial position of these countries, ATCU does not need any financial assistance with its ADRA activities.

He went on to explain that because of the relative close proximity of the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands to the United States, they are often used by hundreds of immigrants as transit points between other countries and North America. Consequently, the demand on ADRA in this region is great as it assists thousands of persons, including migrants, with food, clothing, and shelter, especially during natural and man-made disasters. "For this reason, ADRA in the Atlantic Caribbean Union provides a unique ministry, as the organization partners with the respective governments to provide education, health care, food, clothing, shelter, and disaster relief for all persons living within these countries,” Pastor Johnson said.

In her report to the session, Mrs. Shirlene Henriques, ATCU's ADRA director, stated that because several countries make up the ATCU, each country has established its own chapter of ADRA. Both Cayman and the Turks and Caicos Islands are registered with their respective governments while ADRA Bahamas is scheduled to be registered by September of 2013.

Also, during the meetings, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) were signed by ADRA International and the Youth and Children’s Ministries Departments of the IAD. The MOU between ADRA and the Youth Department is for ADRA to incorporate the youth in their programs so that ADRA can become a household word in the vocabulary of every youth in the church, teaching them to be missionary-minded in order to finish the work of spreading the gospel. The MOU with the Children’s Ministries department is an official undertaking of ADRA to provide safe zones for children during and after disasters while they are displaced with the intent of keeping them physically and mentally safe.

Mrs. Henriques concluded that such meetings are beneficial and productive. “During these meetings many good results are achieved and realized. Confidence is established, a new vision for the national offices emerges, and networking is enabled which strengthens the programs already in place.”

ADRA donor offices represented were ADRA Germany, Czech, Canada, and Romania.

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