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ATCU Begins Year of the Laity with Training

By: Communication Department/Andrew Burrows

The dawn of 2013 ushered in the Year of the Laity, a program of the Inter-American Division (IAD) that was officially voted and introduced during the Division’s year-end committee meetings held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in October 2012.
Consequently, the Adventist Church in Inter-America and, by extension, the Atlantic Caribbean region will be dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating, and training its lay members throughout the territory.

IAD year end meetings union presidents
Union presidents at IAD Year End Meetings at the Comayaguela Adventist Church,
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Oct. 27, 2012. [Photo: Libna Stevens/IAD]

One of the first activities for 2013 in the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) will be a series of training sessions conducted by Pastor Samuel Telemaque, associate personal ministries and Sabbath School director of the IAD. According to Pastor Telemaque, there are several ministry objectives or outcomes for the training seminars. These include:

1. The deployment of one hundred lay preachers in evangelistic campaigns.

2. Equipping three hundred lay Bible workers with skills to clinch three major decisions.
3. Equipping lay witnesses with skills to do personal witnessing and train others to do personal witnessing.
4. Equipping a cadre of global mission pioneers to do church planting in 2013-2014.
5. Enlist and train Sabbath School leaders with skills to do Sabbath School evangelism.
6. Equipping pastors and elders with skills for mobilizing and leading the church into evangelism.

IAD year of the laity samuel telemaque
Pastor Samual Telemaque at IAD Year End Meetings at the Comayaguela Adventist Church,
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Oct. 27, 2012. [Photo: Libna Stevens/IAD]

The sessions will begin on Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at the Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church located at the Global Mission Center of Influence (GMCI) in the South Bahamas Conference and conclude on Sabbath morning, January 12, 2013. The seminar caters to lay preachers, lay Bible workers, Sabbath School superintendents, pastors, elders, and members.

In addition to training, evangelistic meetings will be conducted throughout the year by all segments of the laity, including youth, men, women, and children. It is anticipated that the various evangelistic meetings will culminate in scheduled baptisms, one of which will involve the elders throughout the IAD being authorized to perform the baptisms of those persons with whom they have studied. Also, each field within ATCU will hold its local Festival of the Laity. The final one will be held in the Cayman Islands Conference in October 2013.

“Road Map”

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Let’s rekindle the passion, fan the flames, and share the joy as we make 2013 a banner year for the laity.