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Aall Foundation Contributes to Manna Centre

Aall Foundation Contributes to Manna Centre

The Aall Foundation has contributed US$15,000 to support the humanitarian work of the Manna Centre, a community medical, social welfare and legal advisory agency expected to open later this year in the Savannah area. The agency will also administer a depot for storage and distribution of dry goods, clothing and medication.

“I have seen the Aall Foundation change and save lives on a global basis,” said Mrs. Sophia Harris, Managing Partner of Solomon Harris law firm and a ten-year director of the foundation. Mrs. Harris said that the contribution is being made with the hope that the Manna Centre would “thrive and flourish.”

The Manna Centre will serve needs within its scope to anyone in the Cayman Islands requiring them. Though initiated by the Adventist Conference, it will be independently incorporated and administered as a non-denominational agency serving all residents regardless of religious affiliations.

The donation on behalf of the Aall Foundation was presented to Conference Treasurer John Wesley on Saturday (22 April).

Presenting the gift, Mrs. Harris said that she overcame her initial scepticism about the realism of a project of this scale as she is aware that the Adventist Church leaders are “themselves led by faith and not by sight.” So when she met with the foundation’s board of directors and explained the centre’s aims and objectives, the board moved “without hesitation” to contribute $15,000, Mrs. Harris said.

Expressing appreciation, Conference Executive Secretary Reinaldo Dracket described the cheque presentation as a “proud moment of recognition of the important work of the Manna Centre.” He said it was the second major donation to be made to the project by a Cayman Islands philanthropic organisation.

“We are delighted this afternoon that we are again witnessing the generosity of Cayman’s business and charitable organisations to the humanitarian work of the Manna Centre,” he said.

Giving a status report to the Conference-wide gathering of churches on Saturday, the Conference administrator remarked on the encouraging agreements that had been reached with cadre of doctors, nurses, pharmacist, other registered health practitioners, and legal and social welfare professionals, who have volunteered their services to the operations of the Manna Centre.

Indeed, Administrator Dracket said that the Manna Centre was modelled on the philosophy of the early Christian Church, as described in the biblical book of Acts, that “each man should give freely so that no one lacked anything.”

As such, the humanitarian work of the Manna Centre offered today’s Christians “an opportunity to demonstrate that [they] are disciples of Christ,” he said, in the same way that the Aall benefactors had risen to the challenge to be “true practitioners of the command to be our brother’s keepers.”

The Aall Foundation, which supports charities on a global scale, was established in the Cayman Islands in 1982 on behalf of Norwegian benefactors who had made fortunes in shipping.

Executive Secretary Dracket invited church members to become active participants, also, either through volunteering their services or contributing financially.

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Mrs. Sophia Harris, Managing Partner of Solomon Harris and a Director of the trustee for the Aall Foundation, presents a cheque to Conference Treasurer John Wesley. At left is Conference Executive Secretary Reinaldo Dracket.