Atlantic Caribbean Union

Shepherdesses Seek Strength for the Journey

By: Dornette O’Conner, Cayman Islands Conference

The Ministers wives of the Cayman Conference enjoyed an unforgettable week on March 22 and 23, when they were visited by both The Shepherdess Coordinators of ATCU and IAD. This gathering included all the Shepherdesses of the Cayman Islands Conference with their coordinator, Mrs. Donnet O’Connor along with the Shepherdess Coordinators from the other fields of the ATCU territory; Mrs. Joan Scavella of the North Bahamas Conference and Mrs. Lyn Smith of the Turks and Cacaos Islands. Missing from the group was the coordinator of the North Bahamas Conference, Mrs. Tinker, who passed on last year.
Mrs. Leticia De Los Santos of IAD was the main presenter for the program. She began on Friday night with the inspiring presentation, “Journey of Forgiveness,” in which she challenged Shepherdesses to forgive and also accept forgiveness. She ended the presentation with a bunch of roses which she offered to the shepherdesses who needed to use it to seek or offer forgiveness or appreciation to each other. This remarkable presentation had a great impact on everyone and set the pace for the entire weekend. Other presentations done by Sister De Los Santos were: “Journeying Alone” and “Journey as a Leader.”

This program was spearheaded by Mrs. Denise Johnson, the Shepherdess Coordinator of ATCU. It is Denise’s first time as a Shepherdess Coordinator at this level, and she does a wonderful job empowering and uniting shepherdesses in this region. She also presented on “Journeying with my Spouse” on Sabbath afternoon.

The weekend ended with an awesomely inspiring Sunset Communion Service and Agape Feast. At this service, the Pastors accompanied their wives; and the couple took turn washing each other’s feet. It was a heavenly experience to behold the beautiful banquet table laden with fruits, nuts, and the emblem of the heavenly supper. Pastor Leonard Johnson, President of ATCU, gave a short charge on “Journey in Humility.” Leading out with him were two Minsters of the Cayman Islands Conference, Pastor Wilton McDonald, Ministerial Secretary, and Pastor Shian O’Connor, President.

The attending shepherdesses are delighted that they could be part of this informative weekend. They are empowered to continue to support their husbands in ministry, serving the church through their unique gifts, and most of all, strengthened for the journey.