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ATCU Participates in the First IAD Elders Virtual Council

By: Communication Department, ATCU

After months of planning and anticipation, delegates came from throughout the twenty-two unions of the Inter-American Division (IAD) to attend the Division’s first Elders Virtual Council held on February 8 and 9, 2013, at the IAD Headquarters in Miami, Florida. The council was one of the activities outlined in the Road Map guiding the observance of the Year of the Laity being celebrated this year.
On Friday night, Pastor Israel Leito, president of IAD, officially opened the event. The message for that evening was presented by Dr. Elie Henry, executive secretary of IAD. On Sabbath morning, delegates heard from several speakers with the highlight being the message presented by Pastor Leito.

Churches from throughout IAD were able to join the council via the internet and send in questions to be answered by the IAD leadership. On Sabbath afternoon, Pastor Hector Sanchez, ministerial secretary of IAD, shared future plans for IAD, which included another virtual council and big city evangelism.

Delegates from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) included Pastor L. A. Johnson, president and ministerial director of ATCU, Pastor Al Powell, ATCU personal ministries director, Pastor Edward St. Fleur from the South Bahamas Conference, and Elder Courtney Perrin from the Cayman Islands Conference.

According to Pastor Edward St. Fleur, the meetings were very informative and inspirational. “It was a privilege to be chosen by the union and the conference to represent the pastors at this great event. We are all grateful for the time spent there!”

The elders from the fields within ATCU assembled at various sites to view and participate in the event.
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Elders Council

Pastor Al Powell, Personal Ministries Director of ATCU, Pastor Edward St. Fleur, South Bahamas Conference,
Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, President and Ministerial Director of ATCU and Elder Courtney Perrin, Cayman Islands Conference
attend the IAD's Elder’s Virtual Council in Miami, Florida.