Atlantic Caribbean Union

TCIM Teachers Focus on the Integration of Faith and Learning

The integration of faith and learning, the 2012-2013 theme being emphasized by all SDA schools in the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM), is a deliberate and systematic process of approaching the entire educational enterprise from a Christian perspective. In a Seventh-day Adventist setting, its aim is to ensure that students, by the time they leave school, will have freely internalized biblical values and a view of knowledge, life, and destiny that is Bible-based, Christ-centered, service-oriented, and kingdom-directed.

Teachers embracing the faith/learning integration approach their subjects from a Biblical-Christian worldview perspective, discovering in the subject matter the themes and issues that naturally allow for an explicit connection between the curricular content, on the one hand, and the Christian faith, beliefs, and values on the other. Teachers highlight these connections in their lesson plans, lectures, student assignments, class discussions, thought questions in examinations, and other learning experiences, with the goal of leading their students to develop their own Bible-based view of knowledge, values, life’s purpose and destiny.

The workshop was well received by the teachers present who expressed appreciation for the emphasis as well as the practical assistance in writing Biblically-integrated lesson objectives. Handouts were also distributed with suggestions on how Biblical principles can be integrated in the various subject areas of the curriculum.

The teachers will continue in planning sessions for the remainder of the week as they prepare for the new school year.