Atlantic Caribbean Union

Adventurer & Pathfinder Camp 2012 "Generation Power"

By: Alexandria Scott

“Goodbye”, “See you later”, “I love you”, and “Be good” were just a few of the words that were exchanged between campers and parents/guardians on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. This day marked the beginning of the South Bahamas Conference Adventurer and Pathfinder Camp under the theme, “Generation Power”. Over 70 campers and counsellors were ready to begin their 12 hour voyage to camp in Old Bight, Cat Island. What, 12 hours?
Yes, you read correctly! Nevertheless, the campers used the time to meet new friends. They talked, played games, and sang while others slept until their arrival in Cat Island.

“We reach, we reach!” echoed the excited campers at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday August 1. They discovered they had finally arrived. After disembarking the boat, they travelled to the Old Bight High School to prepare the campsite. Following the arduous effort, the opening ceremony was held with welcoming remarks from Pastor Andrew E. Burrows, Youth Director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission; Pastor Kent Price, Youth Director of the South Bahamas Conference; Mr. Seanray Jennings, Associate Pathfinder Director; Mr. Elvardo Perpall, Pathfinder Coordinator; and Pastor Fitzgerald Francois, Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Cat Island.

The melodious chirping of the birds synchronized by the croaking frogs awakened the campers on Thursday morning. The group was further welcomed with kisses and hugs from the sand flies and mosquitoes of Cat Island. That very morning Pastor Francois offered a prayer concerning the overbearing love from the mosquitoes and sand flies. Would you believe the next morning no one was bitten? God answers prayers regardless of how small or silly they may seem.

The frolic and fun of camp was captured in the wealth of cultural activities and honour classes geared to equip the campers with permanent life skills. The Bahamian cultural night proved to be the forerunner of grand happenings for the campers. How pleasant it was for God’s people to have fun in an environment free from electronics and other devices.

The concluding days were punctuated by tours and a hike to the highest peak in The Bahamas, Mt. Alvernia which is commonly known as Como Hill. Although only 206 feet above sea level, climbing this hill was not an easy task but once at the top, Cat Island could be seen in its entirety. The view was astounding. The power and energy captured by these campers flowed into the worship services of Friday evening and Sabbath morning. Sabbath School was led by Jo’Paul Scavella, Ezra Butler and Malachi Smith. The focal point was, “Embarrassing Moments”. They drew an allusion to the well-known story of Naaman, the leper, who was embarrassed to dip seven times into the Jordan River. They cautioned the campers to rise above embarrassing situations and trust God to do as He says.

After Sabbath School, Pastor Paul Scavella, President of the South Bahamas Conference brought greetings. He was followed by Isaac Petit, a Pathfinder who presented a message entitled, “Get on board”. He encouraged the youth to leave the things of the world and not worry themselves about what friends have to say, but rather follow Jesus. He then warned against repeating the mistakes of those during the days of Noah who heard the message of God, but refused to adhere to it.

In the final formal exercise, the campers who were divided in units, engaged in a Bible Study on the book of Galatians. Pursuant to the study the units were tested. As a result, five pathfinders walked away victoriously. Pathfinders Alexis Gibson; Cintera Stuart, Scharlee Thompson and Cody Walker; and Isaac Petit won third, second and first places respectively.

The delightful trip, which included a variety of scrumptious meals, new friendships, incredible adventures and profound lessons, came to an end. The campers have left with a better understanding of their mission to tell all men about the love and grace of Jesus. The campers truly displayed what it means to be a generation of power; physically, mentally, and spiritually.