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Adrian Reader Wins Championship at ATCU Bible Connection Finals

Adrian Reader Wins Championship at ATCU Bible Connection Finals
Dawne Forbes


On the afternoon of Sabbath, October 14, the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), hosted by the South Bahamas Conference (SBC), held its Bible Connection (formerly Bible Boom) competition finals under the theme “Study to Satisfy; Memorize to Maximize.”
Visitors and church members attended the event at the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church where Kianna Rankin of the Cayman Islands Conference; Stephon Forbes of the North Bahamas Conference (NBC); Charles Greene of SBC; and Adrian Reader of the Turks & Caicos Island Mission (TCIM) showcased their Bible knowledge. This competition among the four territories of ATCU was held to determine who would represent the union in the wider competition with the other semi-finalists from the 23 union fields within the Inter-American Division (IAD).
Pastor Kent Price, youth ministries director of ATCU, stated that the competition, organized by the Youth Ministries Department of the IAD, was more than just memorizing the Bible. He explained that it was about connecting with the word of God and developing a relationship with Him. He congratulated each of the finalists and admonished them to continue to draw nearer to Christ.
Pastor Paul A. Scavella, president of the SBC, brought remarks and congratulated the Youth Ministries Department of ATCU for helping young individuals to stay connected to God’s word.
Dr. Leonard A. Johnson, president of ATCU, also greeted the participants and their well-wishers. He observed, “The fact that the Youth Ministries Department is sponsoring such a program underscores the importance of being reconnected to God.”
Moderated by Ms. Takara Lewis and Elder Curtis Bryan of SBC, the competition was conducted via a software designed by the IAD where participants sit at computers to answer 50 questions with a maximum value of 450 points. The response time of the participant is also recorded. If there is a tie in points, response time would be the tie-breaker.
Once the competition had ended, Mr. Adrian Reader of TCIM was declared the victor with a score of 385 points. He would now go on to represent ATCU in the IAD’s finals that will be held in Cancun, Mexico during December 1 – 3, 2017.
In commenting after the victory, Judith Robinson, youth ministries director of TCIM, praised God for His faithfulness and His protection during Hurricane Irma. Ms. Robinson stated that while more than half of the Turks and Caicos Islands was still without electricity, Mr. Reader had not allowed the absence of light to deter him from his mission to delve deeper into the Scriptures.
In 2011, Waylon Johnson from NBC won the IAD’s finals and then captured the winning trophy in 2015 during the IAD’s contest among the quinquennium’s four champions (
Super Bible Boom), earning the privilege of attending the 2015 General Conference Session as a youth delegate. This year, ATCU is hopeful of earning yet another championship at the 2017 IAD Bible Connection finals.