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ATCU Prepares for Public Campus Ministries Weekend

ATCU Prepares for Public Campus Ministries Weekend
Dawne Forbes, ATCU Communication Department

The weekend of October 13-15, 2017, promises to be one of ministry and excitement as the youth around the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) participate in the Public Campus Ministries (PCM) Weekend. During this time, activities will highlight the ministry’s aim which is to “transform students on non-Adventist campuses into Seventh-day Adventist ambassadors of Christ in colleges/universities, churches, communities, and the world at large” (, 2017).

This weekend is an opportunity for all to get involved in outreach ministries on non-Adventist college campuses with the goal of enriching students’ devotional lives and deepening their relationship with God. According to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Public Campus Ministries Manual, “The absence of parental presence and guidance…causes adolescents to make more decisions on their own; and these youth are frequently influenced by their peers more than anyone else”(p. 3).

“There are a number of ways to get involved during this weekend. However, it begins with forming a friendship with those you want to minister to. Bible studies, study groups, inviting students to your local church, and simply praying for those you want to reach, are all good ways to become involved in this outreach ministry,” said Pastor Kent Price, ATCU PCM director.

Just one week after our union’s PCM Weekend, there is a Global Public Campus Ministries Weekend planned for October 20 – 22 when “those who share a passion for campus ministries can be part of the celebration of worship, fellowship and serve” (, 2017). There will be over eight speakers with more than fourteen countries represented and twenty-one live broadcasts. For more information on the program and registration, visit

To find out more information on what your church/conference/mission plans may be for Public Campus Ministries Weekend, contact your local Youth Department.