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160 Adventist Youth Invested in CIC

160 Adventist Youth Invested in CIC
Communication Department, ATCU


The Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) celebrated with other Adventist organizations around the world in commemorating the 65th anniversary of pathfindering during September 19-20, 2015.

Pastor Andrew Burrows, youth director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and guest speaker for the weekend, challenged the pathfinders as individuals and the Pathfinder organization in general to stand up for Biblical principles and the ideals on which the ministry was founded.

On Friday evening, September 19, during the consecration service for the pathfinder clubs in the CIC, Pastor Burrows referenced youth organizations similar to Pathfinders who gave up their long-held principles, bowing to the pressures of secular society.

“The time will come when this organization will be faced with similar issues, what will we do?” Pastor Burrows asked. “Like the three Hebrews boys who stood up when compelled to bow to a golden image, we ought to stand our ground against the tide that will compel us to compromise our identity and mission.”


The highlight of the weekend was the combined investiture service, which was held on Sabbath afternoon, September 20 at the Kings Seventh-day Adventist church. One hundred and sixty-five adventurers, pathfinders, and master guides who successfully completed the course requirements for the various classes of study were invested. Pastor Ivor Harry, youth director for CIC, remarked that the service was the largest single investiture service for the CIC.

According to the information from the General Conference youth department, there are approximately two million pathfinders in the world. Reports from the fields in ATCU indicate that there are approximately fifteen hundred pathfinders scattered throughout 52 clubs in the union.