Atlantic Caribbean Union

Inter-American Division's IT Summit 2013 a Success

By: Zhivago McPhee/ATCU

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On February 25, 2013, Information Technology (IT) personnel, from the 20-plus territories included in the Inter-American Division, mobilized to hasten the work of the church.
The summit was a combination of presentations from three projects of the Inter-American Division which include Membership, Connectivity, and the accounting software, SunPlus. The Inter-American Division is seeking to keep updated with its membership within its territory through various technologies and social mediums. Retention is a very important arm of the church and the IAD is resolute in searching for its members that may have drifted and bring them back into the fold. The Connectivity project seeks to bring its fields closer through telephony and video conferencing technology. The SunPlus accounting system of the IAD is a software program that has revolutionized the churches accounting departments and aids in securely accounting for the funds of the church.

Able Adventist and non-Adventist professionals in each field led out in these presentations. All personnel in training left with a vast amount of valuable information to use in their various fields, conferences and unions.