Atlantic Caribbean Union

Former Union Publishing Director Passes Away

By: Andrew Burrows

Pastor Milton Mahabee, who once served as the publishing director of the former West Indies Union, passed away on Sunday afternoon, March 10, 2013.

We, in the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), remember his many visits to this territory and the many seminars conducted, particularly in the area of the publishing ministry. Known for his effervescent personality, Pastor Mahabee was passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the avenue of the printed word.

Dr. Leonard A. Johnson, ATCU president, along with fellow administrators, departmental directors, office staff, and the officers and members of the four fields within ATCU, extend condolences to Pastor Mahabee’s wife, Sister Linda Mahabee, his son, Daniel, his daughter, Mellisa, other family members, and the family of the Jamaica Union. Special expressions of sympathy are also offered by Pastor Peter Kerr, publishing director of ATCU, and all the publishing directors of ATCU. Our prayer is that the love and comfort of God be felt by all as we await the promise of the Blessed Hope.

A thanksgiving service for the life and ministry of Pastor Mahabee will be held at the Northern Caribbean University Gymnatorium in Mandeville, Jamaica on Sunday, March 24, 2013, at 10:00 a.m.