Atlantic Caribbean Union

ACUM Leaders Attend Inauguration of NCU’s 23rd President

By Andrew Burrows

On Monday, June 25, 2012, Dr. Trevor Gardner was installed as the 23rd president of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). The event took place at the university’s main campus in Mandeville, Jamaica.
As he contemplated the task ahead, Dr. Gardner said that he's driven by a simple sense of service.

"I am excited to do something good for someone. I always ask people, 'what can I do to help you?' I serve because it's my psychic joy. There is no selfish motive. It just makes me feel good to serve.”

Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists (ACUM) and vice-chair of the university board, presented the message at the consecration service held on Friday, June 22. Referencing, Isaiah 6: 1, he encouraged Dr. Gardner to keep his gaze upon the Lord. In addition, after the inaugural address, which was given by Dr. E. Albert Reece, Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, and following the installation ceremony, Dr. Johnson officially presented Dr. Gardner to the hundreds of guests, family, and friends in attendance.

Other leaders from ACUM who attended the event included Dr. Cheryl Rolle, education director for ACUM, who moderated the Sabbath School program, Pastor Peter Kerr, ACUM executive secretary, and Elder Roderick Sands, ACUM treasurer.

Pastors Paul Scavella, Shian O’Connor, and Michael Smith, leaders of the various fields within ACUM, joined the other field and institutional leaders from the Jamaica Union in giving congratulatory remarks.

Dr. Gardner, who brings to NCU a wealth of experience with more than forty years in the field of academia, was appointed by the university’s board of governors in August 2011. He succeeded Dr. Herbert Thompson, who retired in June 2011. He holds a Ph.D in Educational Administration and was most recently the president of the University of the Southern Caribbean in Trinidad. He served as lecturer, principal, and administrator in several secondary and tertiary institutions in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Dr. Gardner is married to Dr. Patricia Gardner, a medical doctor. They have four adult children: Trevor II, twin sons, Keith and Kevann, and daughter Jayna.

Northern Caribbean University is jointly owned and operated by the Jamaican Union and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. Here in ACUM, we offer our prayers and extend our support to Dr. Gardner and the entire NCU family.

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