Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Executive Committee Vote Plans for Year of the Laity

By: Communication Department

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The Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ATCU) held its annual year-end meetings at the union’s headquarters on Gladstone Road, New Providence during November 6 – 7, 2012.
 Dr. Myrna Costa, one of the general vice-presidents of the Inter-American Division (IAD) and the division’s representative at the meetings and Dr. Robert Wright, campus ministry director and acting director of the Ellen White Estate at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), presented the devotional thought on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. In addition, each of the four field leaders along with NCU presented video reports from their territories.

Among the plans discussed and voted was the Year of the Laity which will be observed by the IAD in 2013. One of the events planned is the baptismal celebration by elders which will be held on Sabbath, September 28. Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, chairman of the executive committee and president of ATCU, explained that for one day elders will be authorized to baptize persons with whom they have prepared for baptism.

Pastor Al Powell, ATCU personal ministries director, presented an incentive plan designed to encourage laypersons who contributed significantly to the growth and development of their local field. While each field will organize its local festival of the laity, laypersons chosen from throughout ATCU will be recognized at the festival of the laity to be held in Grand Cayman during October 4-5.

In addition, the committee discussed and adopted various position statements from the General Conference. These included the “SDA Response to Same-Sex Unions,” “SDA Position Statement on Homosexuality,” and a “Statement on Church Polity, Procedures, and Resolution of Disagreements in the Light of Recent Union Actions on Ministerial Ordination.”

Ivanhoe Sanchez from the Inter-American Division Publishing Association (IADPA) presented and introduced various books available to the church membership. Two of the books were “Ministry to the Cities,” and the New Believers Study Guide. “Ministry to the Cities” was voted as the book of the year for 2013 for the IAD.

Further, it was voted that the acronym for the Atlantic Caribbean Union will be ATCU instead of ACUM as was previously used.

Throughout the meetings, committee members took time out to pray for the continued growth of the church in the ATCU territory.