Atlantic Caribbean Union

Thirty-one Baptized in Belize

By: Communication Department, ATCU

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From February 15 - 23, 2013, Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president and ministerial secretary of ATCU, was the guest speaker for the “Lessons from the Past" evangelistic campaign in the Belize Union. The meetings were held under a tent in the city of Belmopan, Belize.
Pastor Johnson, even though challenged by flu-like symptoms and a weak voice at the beginning, preached the Word of God, and by God' grace, thirty-one persons answered God's call.

“I am so happy that I did not allow sickness to deter me during the meetings, but in the strength of God, I preached by faith,” Pastor Johnson said.

The meetings were planned and coordinated by Pastor Dennis Slusher, president of the Belize Union, Pastor Luis Jessie, executive secretary, and Pastor Angelo Dominguez, the host pastor.

On the final weekend of the campaign, Pastor Johnson was joined by his wife, Denise, and they both conducted a seminar with some of the local leaders on the final Sabbath after the baptism.

This evangelistic campaign was a part of an exchange initiative among the twenty-two unions of the Inter-American Division.

voices magazine- pastor johnson and translator preaching at crusade in Belize
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Belize Union
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