Atlantic Caribbean Union

IAD Associate Stewardship Director Visit ATCU

By: ATCU Communication Department

December 1, 2012, was recognized as World Stewardship Day in the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD). In the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), Sabbath services at the various churches across the four fields highlighted the various principles of stewardship.
In addition, the ATCU welcomed to its territory Pastor James Daniel, associate stewardship director for the IAD. The field that received him was the North Bahamas Conference (NBC), where he conducted a stewardship seminar during the weekend. The meetings were held at the Freeport SDA Church, beginning on Friday evening, November 30.

Pastor Andrew Burrows, stewardship director for ATCU, accompanied Pastor Daniel and brought brief remarks. Pastor Roger Moncur, the stewardship director for NBC, reminded all in attendance of the importance of the seminar and welcomed Pastor Daniel to the NBC.

The theme for the event was “Extravagant God, Blessed Believers.” During the various presentations, Pastor Daniel focused on several key areas of stewardship: 1. Everything we are or have belongs to God. 2. Stewardship has to do with our relationship with Jesus. 3. Our giving is an act of worship.

Pastor Daniel also proffered some practical advice to guide members. He noted that “so often we encourage our members to return to God His tithe and give a freewill offering, but we don’t teach them how to live on the remainder.”
On Sunday morning, the seminar was geared toward the pastors, elders, and stewardship leaders. Both the Sabbath afternoon and Sunday morning sessions were followed by a question and answer period.