Atlantic Caribbean Union

ACUM Launches Love In Action

According to the historical account, posted on the webpage of the Adventist History Library, in 1903, Jasper Wayne, a Seventh-day Adventist nurseryman ordered 50 copies of the magazine “Signs of the Times” which was devoted to the issue of capital and labour. As he opened the parcel in the post office and gave out the copies, he mentioned that any monies the recipient cared to give would be used for the mission of the church. Within one hour, he depleted his supplies and in return received four dollars ($4.00) to be used for the work of the gospel. Out of this experience the Ingathering Program was developed.

Ingathering campaigns soon became standard in all countries where Seventh-day Adventists have developed an organized work. It should be noted that ingathering is not begging as some have expressed. Rather, it provides the church with two key opportunities. First, it provides for each member the unique opportunity to share Christ with the public and to shed light on what the church is doing to uplift the human condition. Secondly, it affords each member the privilege to invite their friends, neighbours, family members, and others to partner with the church in providing the financial means to carry out the mission that Christ assigned to the church.

Pastor Al Powell, personal ministries director of ACUM, in his message printed in this year’s edition of “Love in Action,” ACUM’s ingathering information pamphlet, assured all that one hundred percent of donations received go toward assisting the needs of humanity. This also includes monies needed to help repair and rebuild the lives of persons affected by disasters such as hurricane Sandy, the recent hurricane that affected residents in the North and South Bahamas Conferences.

Psalms 24:1 reminds us that the earth belongs to God and the fullness thereof. God has an abundance of resources in our world, and He has placed His goods in the hands of all. The annual theme for ingathering at ACUM is “Love in Action.” The ingathering period officially concludes at the end of April.