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On Tuesday evening, February 25, 2014, the executive committee of the Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) voted Pastor Reinaldo Dracket as the executive secretary for the conference. He fills the position left vacant when Pastor Al Powell, former executive secretary, accepted a call to serve as the president of the Columbian Islands Mission of Seventh-day Adventists earlier this year.
Pastor Dracket was installed at a consecration service held at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grand Cayman on Wednesday evening, February 26, 2014. Representation from the wider organization, administrators, pastors, local church leaders, and scores of members representing the various Adventist congregations of the conference attended to witness this momentous occasion.
Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), presided over the election process and presented the message at the consecration service. Using Daniel 6:1-5 as his key text, he challenged Pastor Dracket and the congregation at large to pattern their lives after Daniel who proved to be a faithful servant of God, both in private and public life.
“His life was exemplary because of his consistent prayer life, faithfulness to duty, and commitment to his God,” Pastor Johnson said.
Pastor Shian O’Connor, president of the CIC, congratulated Pastor Dracket on his election to this very important office. He also thanked him for his twenty-seven years of dedicated service as pastor, departmental director, and administrator in the CIC.
Ministerial secretary of the conference, Dr. Wilton McDonald, escorted Pastor Dracket to the platform where Dr. Johnson read to him the Leadership Pledge and asked for a response. Pastor Dracket responded positively and signed the document, committing to faithfulness to God’s church and to modeling his life after that of Jesus Christ. He addressed the congregation and expressed gratitude for being elected to serve in this capacity for the remainder of the quadrennium. He promised faithfulness to duty and to work in unity with the other administrators.
Dr. McDonald also offered the prayer of consecration on behalf of Pastor Dracket and his family.
Pastor Dracket has been married to Nelda Rose (nee) Carey, a native of the Bahamas, for over 29 years.   God has blessed their union with three children: Deandro, Demiko, and Denisha, who are now young-adults; and one grandson, Devonte.