Atlantic Caribbean Union

BA Celebrates Father-Daughter Day

By: John Garcia/ACUM

Hurricane Sandy interrupted the normal running of Bahamas Academy (BA) during the week of October 22 to 26, 2012; but while the storm raged, students were still looking forward to some exciting activities that were either postponed or on schedule for the subsequent week.
During the short break, elementary school students never stopped reminding their fathers about the “Father-Daughter Luncheon” that was postponed until Monday, October 29 at 11:30 A.M.

When the long-awaited day dawned, daughters could be seen peeping from their classroom doors to see if their fathers had arrived for their special date, while those fathers present waited anxiously in the foyer for the big event to begin. One father commented that he was as nervous as he was on his wedding day.

Upon receiving a rose, each father proudly escorted his daughter or daughters to the well decorated, relaxing, and aroma-filled room prepared for the special occasion.

A warm welcome was given by Mrs. Elmore Jacques, vice principal of the elementary division of Bahamas Academy, who stated that she was thrilled to see the fathers spending quality time with their daughters. Lunch was served and daughters excitedly introduced their friends to their dads as they enjoyed the moment.

“I love spending time with my daddy and the room was so beautiful; I had very much fun,” said third grade student, Janea Roberts.

According to Mrs. Jacques, plans are in the making for another Father-Daughter Day next year.