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IAD Completes Bible Boom Finals

By: Andrew Burrows/Communication Department

Beginning on Friday evening, December 9, 2012, the Youth Department of the Inter- American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) held its 9th version of the Bible Boom finals. The two-day event was held in the Caribbean Union Conference (CUC) at the Mt. D’Or Seventh-day Adventist Church in Champs Fleurs, Trinidad.
Twenty-two youth contestants and their directors from the unions across the IAD were present. Pastor Benjamin Carballo, youth ministries director for the IAD, noted that for the first time in the history of the Bible Bowl/ Bible Boom all the unions were represented. He thanked God for the miracle of having all contestants in Trinidad.

Along with the participants and youth directors, scores of members from the local South Caribbean Conference shared in the meetings. During the opening night, Pastor Anthony Hall, youth ministries director for CUC, welcomed all to the Bible Boom finals. Louise Nocandy, associate youth ministries director for IAD, presented the brief spiritual charge.

The main feature was a drama presentation entitled “Prisoner of God” performed by the young people of Trinidad. As the Bible Boom was taken from Paul’s epistles, the dramatization depicted the life of Saul as persecutor of the Christians, his conversion to Paul, and his subsequent imprisonment and ministry.

During the Sabbath School, the twenty-two Bible Boom finalists shared their experiences of their relationship with Christ and their journey to the finals at the division level. The various interviews offered inspirational accounts of how God is working with the young people in the various countries around the IAD. Pastor Benjamin Carballo presented the spiritual nugget for the Divine Worship service.

The actual Bible Boom contest, which took place on Sabbath afternoon, was divided into two preliminary rounds of eleven contestants each. The top eleven contestants, based on overall scores, advanced to the finals. The contestant representing the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) was Kesa Petit- frere of the North Bahamas Conference.

Victor Manuel Jaimes of the South Colombian Union emerged as the overall winner and received the Caleb award. Eliasib Mojica of the Central Mexico Union and Esther Alvarado from the North Mexico Union received the second and third place prizes respectively.

During the closing meeting, it was announced that the Bible Boom finals for 2013 will be held during December 7- 8 in the Cuban Union Conference. The books of study will be Ephesians to Hebrews.

According to Louise Nocandy, in her article printed in the 2012 fourth quarter edition of “Vision,” the objective of the Bible Boom is “to foster an encounter with God;” and like she did, we encourage the young people to keep this objective at the forefront as they prepare for next year’s Bible Boom.

The study guide and daily devotional texts for 2013 are now available at

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