Atlantic Caribbean Union

Elder’s Certification Seminar

The Seminar, lead by Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of ACUM, was held on June 29-30.

In the first session, Elders were reminded of the qualities that an elder of the Seventh day Adventist Church should have. Dr. Johnson also took time to outline the different levels of the church from the local church up to the General Conference.

On Sabbath afternoon, the elders were admonished not to get caught up in selfish motives or abuse their God given authority in any way. The duty of an elder is to assist the Pastor and give unselfish service to the members of their local congregation. Dr. Johnson reiterated the importance of being well versed in the Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and reminded the elders to be tactful when studying with unbelievers, putting ‘salvation’, not ‘Sabbath’ at the forefront.

When the sessions came to a close, the elders left motivated to lead by example and to take their responsibility as elders to a new level.