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Mission to the City Continues with Phase 3

Mission to the City Continues with Phase 3
Pastor Kenny Deveaux, Crusade Coordinator, SBC

How quickly time flies when one is having fun doing the mission of the church. Phase 2 of Mission to the City began on September 6, 2014, at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center, opposite the Government High School. Four weeks have quickly passed and the Nassau Experience has come to an end.

Phase 1 was the flow of love demonstrated throughout our communities by the various projects conducted by the Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout New Providence. These projects included soup kitchens, whole wheat bread distribution, clean up campaigns, and distribution of clothing and food supplies.

Phase 2 hundreds of persons attended the meetings each night and were guaranteed a blessing. Many unrelentingly explained how impacting the Nassau Experience has been on their lives. Participants continue to bask in the wonderful glow of Christ and are strengthened in their relationship with Him. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God has rescued 223 precious souls from the grips of the enemy through baptism.

Through the powerful preaching of international evangelist, Pastor Peter Joseph, coupled with the inspirational singing of a 200-voice choir, backed up by a melodious band, the nightly program was reported to be “off the chain.”

The ministry at the altar was truly divine as each night attendees were invited to the altar and prayed for by the evangelist. Persons are still talking about the refreshing experience of praying together as they reflect on the joy found in ministering and being ministered to at the altar.


Phase 3 of the Mission to the City begins as the 223 souls are transitioned to the various churches throughout the island. This is an important aspect of Mission to the City. We are depending on God to “renew in us a clean heart” as we welcome these dear ones. Continue to pray for the new believers that they will now impact the communities around them and bring honour to God thus changing this Bahama land we love.